Design Across the Oceans with Professor Jerry Dellova

Attending class remotely from four continents,19 students in Prof. Jerry Dellova’s CAD for Fashion Design class FD342, finished the semester a few days before Christmas, filling their screens with a riot of colors, print and pattern designs.

As is typical, the students presented their final projects to their professor and classmates. What was not typical was that they presented from as far as Brazil, Korea, Kazakhstan, Germany, Shanghai and Beijing. For some, 9 am in New York was, well, tomorrow! Excerpts from four projects are presented here:

Shiyu (“Phoebe”) Zuo’s opening page establishes her theme “Pure Land”

“The pure land” refers to a world within,” says Shiyu Zuo, who, from China, presented her collection based on Tibetan landscape and culture. She drew inspiration from traditional Tibetan clothing and elements such as temple scripture and propitious clouds.

Shiyu Zuo’s color palate

In the course, CAD for Fashion Design and Development, students use Lectra’s Kaledo CAD software to digitally create fabrics and explore textile possibilities for garments they’ve designed. They merge garment and fabrics to create collections that share an overall balance of color, pattern, texture, proportion, and function.

Saule Amangeldi’s muse market competitor page

Saule Amangeldi, who presented her collection from Kazakhstan, is impassioned about protecting coral reefs. Of particular concern is coral bleaching due to ocean acidification from climate change. Her collection is aimed at bringing awareness to the vibrant beauty of the coral reefs.

Saule Amangeldi’s color palate

For their final projects, students must come up with a defining theme for their collection, a customer profile, color palette, and a specific market they’re designing for. They also have to research competitors and retailers in that market.

Saule Amangeldi’s collection line sheet 1
Saule Amangeldi’s collection line sheet 2
Emerson Kobak’s theme page with mission statement

Emerson Kobak who presented her collection from New York City, draws inspiration from the underground feminist punk movement of the 90s. “Being a Riot Grrrl she says in her mission statement, “means supporting and uplifting every sexuality, color, race, identity. Being a Riot Grrrl means being Freee.”

Emerson Kobak’s original plaid design

Woven plaids and stripes, original and coordinated prints, knit stitches and intarsia patterns flashed across the classmates’ screens amid the lively discussion.

Emerson Kobak’s original print design
Keyjung (“KJ”) Lee’s theme or mood page

A French chic autumn and winter collection with a romantic sensibility! Edgy knitwear, jackets, coats, wool pants and skirts, which can be worn in “warm light that shines on a winter evening.” That was the theme of KJ Lee‘s collection, which she presented from Queens, NY.

KJ Lee’s original stripe design
KJ Lee’s coordinating print design
KJ Lee’s collection line sheet

“I am so impressed with the work,” says Prof. Dellova. “The creativity and their energy levels during this trying time. Working and learning remotely is very difficult and they all exceeded my expectations.“

To learn more about the School of Art & Design’s Fashion Design major go to: Fashion Design at FIT.

To follow Shiyu Zou on IG, go to @phoebetsos; Emerson Kobak at @emersonkobak & @emersonisa and her website: To see more of Saule Amangeldi’s collection go to: Saule; to follow KJ Lee on IG go to: @kjlee894

All images used with permission.

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3 Responses to Design Across the Oceans with Professor Jerry Dellova

  1. Gerard Dellova says:

    Tks Rachel! So proud of the work and effort ALL 19 students put into this semester! Such talents!

  2. Rose Hittmeyer says:

    Made me proud to be an FIT FD Alum! Great work!

  3. Pat Toth says:

    So beautiful and brilliant.

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