Cornelia Hediger’s LA billboard work dominates the landscape

Photography Professor Conelia Hediger’s current work on view is not a blink-and-you-miss-it experience.  Her large-format images are mounted on one of 34 Los Angeles’ billboards that are part of the Billboard Creative 2020 exhibition. Hediger’s duel photo montage, from her series “Into the Vortex,” can engage an audience from over 100 feet away.

“Iggy’s Day Off”  (l)  “What is left behind,” (r). Photo montages by Cornelia Hediger

The images from Prof. Hediger’s series seem serendipitously well-suited for a billboard treatment. According to her artist’s statement, the series explores “a whimsical world where focal planes are shifting and tilting, where characters, at times, are blown out of proportion and dwarf the landscapes around them.”

Prof. Hediger’s billboard is on Highland Avenue between Fountain and Lexington avenues. The exhibition runs from February 3-28. An interactive map that shows the layout of billboards is available at the Billboard Creative website.

“Iggy’s Day Off”  (l)  “What is left behind,” (r). Photo montages by Cornelia Hediger

Prof. Hediger teaches Photography for Artists, Basic Digital Photography for Visual Design Communication and Beginning Digital Photography.

Hediger is an award-winning photographer whose work has been exhibited throughout Europe and the U.S.  Her work has been featured in Glamour Espana, PHOTONEWS, GEOkompakt, SHOTS Magazine, BLINK, The Wall Street Journal, ARTE, Photo Technique, PHOTO+, HotShoe, SNOCKS, Visura Magazine, New York magazine, Vision Magazine and elsewhere.

An upcoming film “Photomontage,” directed by Sam Vladimirsky will feature Prof. Hediger’s work.

To see more of Prof. Hediger’s work visit her website at: CorneliaHediger, and follow her on Instagram @corneliahediger

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