Urban Studio exhibit: How surroundings shape us

The “Homegrown” exhibit at Museum at FIT from December 21 through February 8, 2020 will showcase work from Fine Arts Urban Studio club members.  Exhibiting student artists spoke about their neighborhoods, communities and what makes home.

“Birthday Party,” by Mariel Tepper. Acrylic on canvas

This painting depicts my late grandpa Bernie, my uncle Greg, our neighbor, Mr. Ganesh, and my dad in the back kitchen, waiting for me to arrive at one of my childhood birthdays. Our home’s vivid pink walls have a significant presence in my early memories. My grandpa, shown at the head of the table, was a lively and joyful person whose kindness and good humor radiated. He passed away in 2012, and I still miss him every day.” – Mariel Tepper

“Growing up I was very shy and timid, however, in my mind everything like my favorite colors, tv shows and the memories around the blocks where I grew up, constantly danced around over and over again. I always knew that I could easily just break out of my shell but my mind was my comfort zone.” – Keyana Brown

“COZO,” by Keyana Brown. Gouache on bristol paper

“My art home is FIT. It’s the place where I learned how to make art. The people here make this a much better place. I’m so proud and happy I can use art to express my feelings. I’m so lucky to share them with my friends and family. I’m coming from China.  I’m so lucky to learn art in this world. I feel I’m the luckiest person because of art.” – Iris Hu

“Happy Land,” by Iris Hu. Oil on canvas

“Urban Studio members are proud to be part of the first student organization to curate an exhibition at The Gallery at The Museum at FIT. The show’s theme was creatively conceived by our club president Mariel Tepper. Together as a group we are curating the show and producing the exhibition materials, which is important hands-on experience for students. I feel honored and lucky to be adviser to this brilliant group of emerging artists.” – Melissa Starke, Fine Arts Coordinator

“I was born and raised in the city, and I now live here. The busy crowds, people’s indifference, and scenery of the city have made me forget where I truly belong. I want to slow down from the city life and appreciate what has shaped me. There is always something to discover when I take time to stop and look around, like the beautiful reflection of the sky on the iconic New York Skyscrapers.” – Yeji Jang

“Slowing Down,” by Yeji Jang. Oil on canvas

“Working in a process-based style, I started each piece with a simple painting of a swing from a stencil. From that point on, each piece took on a life of its own. Through an exploration of different mediums and color circumstances, I used symbols that related closely to the landscape and architecture I grew up living in. Together, these pieces create a cohesive narrative and open a window to my imagination and the memories that are associated with these landscapes.” – Fiona Krugolets

“Past Life Regressions,” by Fiona Krugolets. Acrylic Paint, Collage, oil pastel, marker, crayon on paper

“This is [one in a] series of drawings of my cats that is inspired by a photograph that I found of the first two cats I ever had. I wanted to portray my passion of being a cat person. Growing up with as many as 11 cats, I have valued their company, and consider them family. Since I moved to be closer to FIT, I added another cat to our family. I observed their adaptation to their new environment. Having cats has helped me through hardships because of their companionship. It makes me so sad to see the huge population of feral cats in Queens after coming from a home filled with cats. My heart wants to give them all a home.” – Kaili Woop

“Home is Where the Cats Are,” by Kaili Woop. Ink on paper

“Living in Manhattan Beach for most of my life, The Bay of Kings was painted as testaments to the heavenly sunsets of the Sheepshead Bay Canal, and the grandiose feelings it provokes in me.” – Matthew Leshchinsky

“The Bay of Kings I” by Matthew Leshchinsky. Oil on canvas

“My island is the embodiment of home. All who inhabit my island are a part of who I am. The water, palm trees and homes are the true meaning of the place I call home.” -Marchelle Fleury

“Haiti,” by Marchelle Fleury. Acrylic on unstretched canvas

“Koi fish represent Japanese culture, which sticks to me where ever I go. I feel uncomfortable and comfortable at the same time. I think it shaped me.” – Miku Sekimoto

“My Buddy,” by Miku Sekimot. Oil on acrylic on canvas

“Born in the vibrant city of Medellin, Colombia, urban settings have always been a part of my heart, soul and heritage. Manhattan is the epitome of the ultimate urban landscape.  This abstract rendering of a building near 14th Street reflects my new home, where I am growing as an artist and living a new and fulfilling life. It is my home away from home.” – Rebecca Gomes

“City Landscape” by Rebecca Gomes. Oil on Canvas

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