Drawing students to the new exhibition space

The Art and Design Gallery at FIT showcases work that often has its inception in the classroom. It also serves as a classroom itself.  So if you see students actively drawing with an instructor close by, it likely means class is in session,  as it was recently for a Foundation Drawing I class taught by Professor Stephanie Pierce.
Rosemary Howard and Prof. Stephanie Pierce

“I took my Foundation Drawing I students to draw in the new exhibition area so that we could deal with an exciting and complex space,” says Prof. Pierce.

Foundation Drawings I class

An emphasis of Foundation I Drawing class is on the principles of drawing from direct observation.

“The students were thinking about space through the concept of linear perspective using a horizon line and vanishing points,” said Prof. Pierce.

Mitzhael Jean Baptiste

“It was both a fun and challenging project because the space allowed for dealing with both the inside and the outside of the building,” says Prof. Pierce.

Julia Fernandez with Prof. Stephanie Pierce
Julia Fernandez with Prof. Stephanie Pierce

“The space was built for this type of adaptability and use. One day there are students on the floor drawing and the next day there’s a fashion extravaganza!” – Austin Thomas, Exhibitions Manager for the School of Art and Design”

” I encouraged students to employ the concepts they had learned so far to better understand the relationships among the things they were observing–sight measuring, comparing scale relationships, extension or sighting lines.” – Prof. Pierce

Ian Scheck, in the background is Malachi Wade and Julia Fernandez

Students returned to their drawings for two more sessions.

Sophia llanes

“They were also asked to expand the drawing by adding more paper and to deal with more of a panoramic view,” she said.

Caroline Aull and Jennifer Hotzler
Caroline Aull

The students “came across some surprising and eye-opening problems to work out,” said Prof. Pierce.

“To draw, to look and be seen! Students and passersby make it their own space. It’s a very ‘activated’ environment,” says Ms. Thomas.

Annie Timothy and Rika Mantaring

The next exhibit in the Gallery space, “The Future is Inclusive,” is about imagination and positive social change. It opens February 13, 2019.

Photos: Rachel Ellner

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