Milk & cookies & toy design-in-progress beckons future students

They came for the milk and cookies, they stayed to inquire about the School of Art and Design‘s celebrated Toy Design program.

Toy Design Chair Judy Ellis with perspective students at the Milk & Cookie Social

Prospective students also got to see toy design-in-the-making.  The department’s recent open house, in a toy-plush environment, was some serious fun!

Here are some captures from the event:

Above, Toy Design Chair Judy Ellis shows alumni work to prospective students. “We seek to recruit imaginative, strong illustrators,” she says.

Bielio Feliz

Bielio Feliz works on his walrus catapult popper toy. Feed the ball into its mouth and it pops up through the tail.

At the Milk & Cookie Social, Feliz and other students, at work on projects in their Hard Toy Seminar class, answered questions from prospective students. Topics included portfolio requirements, program assignments, program hours, and long-range job prospects in the toy field.

Matthew Velardo

“I love vehicles and machines,” says Toy Design major Matthew Velardo, who received his AS in Visual Arts from Dutchess Community College.  Velardo is creating a planetary explorer space-themed vehicle to have a launching action feature.

“I wanted to make the coolest thing I could imagine,” says Velardo.

Reese Chamness

Reese Chamness shows off the shark pull toy that he is developing. “He’ll chomp and his tail will wiggle,” he says.

“Before toys I did hair,” said Chamness, who has worked at upscale Manhattan salons. “I needed a change. I had a BFA in sculpture. The making-stuff-that-moves-and-works — that part was new!” 

Rachel Hyojoo Seo

“Mine is an infant’s toy,” said Rachel Hyojoo Seo with her whale spinning ball toy in progress.

Portfolio viewing
Prospective students also inquired about different types drawing and sketching abilities needed for the program.
Sara Shores

Sara Shores working on her “hatching” shape sorter! “An owl chick with pop up and hatch,” she says.  Shores has a background in fine arts.

To learn more about the School of Art and Design Toy Design program visit: Toy Design FIT

All photos by: Rachel Ellner

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