Professor Ellenbogen’s MIT Stay Wows the Boston Globe!

Science and art have more in common than most people think. A great example of this is the collaboration of FIT photography professor Keith Ellenbogen with MIT physicist Allan Adams. The Boston Globe has taken notice with a story about this innovative partnership.

We know there is beauty almost everywhere. Ellenbogen turns to the depths of the ocean, while Adams measures the dimensions of black holes. Their work shows that there are a lot of collaborations waiting to happen. What it requires is a few pioneers like Ellenbogen to bridge the gap, to make some of MIT’s relevant work known to FIT, and likewise, our campus’s work known to MIT.

Screenshot from The Boston Globe

Ellenbogen is a visiting artist at MIT’s Center for Art, Science, and Technology. Along with MIT’s Edgerton Center Associate Director Jim Bales and theoretical physicist Allan Adams, Ellenbogen is exploring new high-speed photography and underwater imaging techniques.

Almost every photographer on the planet owes a huge debt to Harold “Doc” Edgerton. The electronic strobe is just one of his many inventions and contributions to photography. For example his iconic high-speed photographs of crown-like splattering milk drops, and of bullets piercing balloons and cutting playing cards in two, are legendary.

“When you put people together and you can create a place that allows ideas to really grow, it’s the most wonderful thing,” said Ellenborgen in an MIT News article.

Screenshot from MIT News

“As a photographer I can create a level of compassion and engagement in my images that is further supported by science and conservation efforts,” he says.

As technology enriches ever more of the design world, opportunities for collaboration like those between FIT and MIT can only increase.

 To see and read more about Ellenbogen’s riveting high-speed images of a lionfish, blacknose shark and a ballonfish go to:  “Ellenbogen films what the eye can’t see”

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