Misery loves company in the Pomerantz Center

The world’s evils, appearing in 3D, are currently on display on the third floor of the Pomerantz Center. It was Pandora of Greek mythology who disobeyed Zeus by opening a box of evils. Prof. Dan Shefelman finds evil to be the perfect character design assignment for students in his Illustrating for Contemporary Media class.

“Greed,” by Nicolette Pasumbal

“It’s always exciting to see where this assignment takes students,” says Shefelman. “It taps into this visceral reaction to the troubling parts of life. It runs the gamut from horror to humor.” This is the fourth year Shefelman has assigned the Pandora project.

"Misery," by Caitlin McDonagh
“Misery,” by Caitlin McDonagh

“These unique imaginings are based upon each student’s experience as an artist and a person,” says Ed Soyka, Chair of Illustration. “Each image is a compromise from among all the options and choices available through the creative process.”

Illustration student Caitlin McDonagh modified Ken doll pants above for her “Misery” figure. The “Hunger” figures  below by Tenzin Gonpo are made of modeling clay so they won’t dry out.

“Hunger,” by Tenzin Gonpo

“They’re mesmerizing,” says Kristin Chidiak an Advertising and Marketing Communications major, as she starred intently into the display case. “You can see their perspectives. It’s what I love about Illustration majors. I really believe in all their futures!”

“Hunger.” by Kayelyn Wright

“I thought  Kayelyn Wright’s figure (above) is a different interpretation of hunger than one might expect,” says Shefelmen. “She’s hungering for empowerment.”

Chidiak agrees. “I’d like to see the story behind Kayelyn’s ‘Hunger’ in a Pixar film. Some claymation concept would be really cool!”

“Pain.” by Cindy De La Cruz

Cindy De La Cruz’s character is “minimal but communicates pain,” says Shefelman.

"Hunger," by Jessica Lauser
“Hunger,” by Jessica Lauser

“I picked famine,” says Jessica Lauser. “I pictured a skinny, gangling monster with a big mouth but wired so it couldn’t eat.”

"Disease," by Alexandra Lobo
“Disease,” by Alexandra Lobo

“His tooth keeps falling out but it seemed appropriate,” says Shefelman about Alexandra Lobo’s “Disease” character.

Dan Schfelman holding "Murder," by Tareque Powaday
Dan Shefelman holding “Murder,” by Tareque Powaday

“It’s just so cuddly you want to pick him up,” says Prof. Shefelman of Tareque Powaday’s character. “It’s the classic murder doll in the Chucky tradition.”

“Misery,” by Jianrong Lin

Jianrong Lin’s rendition of Pandora’s Box is carved out of balsa wood, lit with LED.

“It’s an awesome assignment. It’s very open for interpretation,” says first-year Illustration major Jacob Morse who looks forward to the Pandora assignment. “The myth says famine comes out of the box. But what does it look like?  The 3D form really indicates what each trait is all about.”

“Famine,” Kelsey Egan

“She went to the wilderness of Michael’s” says Prof Shefelman of Kelsey Egan’s display “Famine.”

So the results of Pandora’s disobedience were not all bad after all. Every cloud has a silver lining…but until now it’s been ugh to illustrate.

To see earlier evils from Pandora’s Box go to: Contents of Pandora’s box recaptured


photos: Rachel Ellner

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