Three photography faculty exhibits break ground

Watertown, CT, Governors Island and Provincetown are all locations with relevance to the subjects of three September exhibits by photography faculty.  One that takes place at the school of her youth, is deeply introspective. Two others are vast in what they ponder–one’s specific view “through-the-lens” of the Civil War in Yankee territory, and the projection of the gay male body image.

The praise that each has received suggest their relevance extends beyond these specific locations.

“Cherries” by Jessica Wynne at the Potter Gallery, Watertown, CT

“For many of us, the past is a golden place we can always revisit for shelter. Jessica Wynne creates time capsules out of her surrounding world, even as it develops: a moment turns into a legend the instant it is over. Even when picturing others, such as her daughter Molly, I feel she’s re-staging her own memories. These are serene, untouchable pictures, safer than a dream.” –Illustrator, photographer Jorge Colombo, New York City

“Wynne ’90 in Potter Gallery” runs through October 11. Potter Gallery is at The Taft School, 110 Woodbury Rd, Watertown, CT. For gallery times and directions go to: Potter Gallery. Prof. Wynne is an alumna of The Taft School.

"Sky Cannon" by Brad Farwell, Governors Island
“Sky Cannon” installation on Govenors Island by Brad Farwell

“Brad Farwell’s ‘Sky Cannon, 2015,’ is a poetic intervention into the historic military installation at Fort Jay on Governors Island and a surreal reimagining of the objecthood and function of these decommissioned, obsolete weapons. The placement of mirrors in these cannons’ muzzles is a subtle and powerful gesture that a viewer may not see at first. Upon an inevitable second take, they will notice something quite spectacular and uncanny about looking down the barrels of these cannons – seeing bright sky reflected back at them instead of a dark, uninhabited space.” – Melissa Levin, Director of Cultural Programs, Lower Manhattan Cultural Council

EXTENDED through September 27!

“Sky Cannon” is on exhibit through September 22. 27. It is at Fort Jay on Governors Island in New York City. For more information visit: Sky Cannon Govenors Island.

Photo: Ron Amato from "Armor" exhibit at DeLuca Gallery
Photo: Ron Amato from “Armor” exhibit at DeLuca Gallery

Ron Amato’s ‘Armor’ exhibit has had an extraordinary response. Art collectors have been coming to the gallery to specifically see this thought-provoking exhibition. The viewers are incredulous over his use of light, his juxtaposition of his subjects and of course the controversial subject matter.” – Patty DeLuca, owner DeLuca Gallery, Provincetown, MA

“Armor” was on exhibit until September 14 at DeLuca Gallery, located at 432 Commercial St. Provincetown, MA. For more information about the exhibit visit DeLuca Gallery.

Photos used with permission.


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