Art from the FIT community 15 floors up!

From the start, artwork was a must for FIT’s new administrative offices at 333 Seventh Avenue.  Written into the plans for the new 22,000 square-foot space are corridors and wall space where art would hang.  Having been mined from faculty, student and alumni archives, photography and artwork now fill the space.

Painting: Kelly Landolina. Photos: Daniel Marcella (left), Danielle Krulik (right)

Prof. Brad Farwell, Photography adjunct, was put to the creative task of curating and hanging the photographs.

“It’s a great opportunity to showcase the talents of FIT’s visual artists, while enhancing the college’s newest space,” says Prof. Farwell.

The work is showcased throughout the 15th floor, where two major college divisions have been relocated: the Office of the General Counsel, and Finance and Administration. The office building is half a block north of the campus.

“The artwork adds vibrance and imagination to a very structured environment,” says Bafemi Silver, a legal assistant in the Office of the General Counsel.

Photo: Untitled (Central Park #2) from the series “After Image” by Brad Farwell

June Ng, director of space management and planning, says “It was always a concept to incorporate art work into the design of the floor.”

Fine Arts professors Jeff Way and Jean Feinberg dug into their archives, mainly accessing work of sophomores and juniors. “The main criteria was the quality of the work,” says Prof. Way.  “The (administrative) staff had some input in the final selection, but we tried to place the work that had the maximum visual impact.”

Photos: Amy Miccio (center), Evelyn Hoffman (right)

Says Prof. Way, “The space there is extensive.  The reception area and the conference rooms are excellent places to showcase the student work, and they’re thrilled to have their work shown in this context.”

Photos: Maria Cristina Gonzales (left), Kenyon Par (right)

Ms. Ng agrees. “We wanted our walls to sing in a way that reflects FIT’s brand and character.” And they do.

Photos courtesy of Brad Farwell


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