Chalk FIT back by popular demand

FIT chalk artists will soon take to the outside walls of FIT. Illustration grad Angel Garcia (2013), initiated Chalk FIT today with a toothy character pointing the way to student chalk work that will begin appearing Monday at 9 a.m.

Chalk artist and muralist Angel Garcia ('13)
Chalk artist and muralist Angel Garcia (’13)

“FIT is bringing the studio outside! It’s wonderful,” says Joanne Arbuckle, Dean of the School of Art and Design. 

“In high school you have a homecoming football game. Here at FIT, Illustration is the homecoming team,” jokes Prof. Dan Shefelman who oversees Chalk FIT.

“I wanted to do a nice shape, one related to Chalk FIT,” said Garcia.  “It’s pointing to where the rest of the students will do their work.”

Garcia has created murals at Flushing International High School and at the bazaar at Junction Boulevard in Queens.

“Angel  went to school here, and now — to do something on the side of the school you attended — that’s inspirational!” says Illustration freshman David Powers from Buffalo.

Expect to see on Monday, 50 illustration seniors and 6 alums in addition to Garcia, using the FIT campus as their canvas.

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Photo: Rachel Ellner

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