BFA Fair 2014: An Art & Design future for everyone

Katie Reggie with her first fabric styling assignment
Katie Reggie with her first fabric styling assignment

On October 2, representatives from the School’s baccalaureate programs, Admissions, Registrar, and the School of Liberal Arts were on hand to help students learn more about Art and Design upper division majors.

Current BFA students and alum showed their work and spoke about their transitions into BFA design majors.


“I come from a business background,” said Fabric Styling major Katie Reggie standing by her project. “I learned patience and how to do research–it makes for a good project.”

Her professor, Sara Petitt agreed. “The very first assignment in Intro to Fabric Styling is childrenswear boards. They learn how to tell a well-edited, well-conceived, visually interesting and technically perfect trend forecasting story.”

Profs. Christie Shin & C.J. Yeh
” Profs. Christie Shin & C.J. Yeh

“It’s buzzing in here. There’s lots of excitement and possibilities. There’s the right course of study for each student. Something for everybody!” says Communications Chair Suzanne Anoushian.

Prof. Bergit Schwarz-Hickey, from Advertising Design
Packaging Design Chair Marianne Klimchuk

“The energy is amazing,” says Packaging Design Chair Marianne Klimchuk.

Chair of Fashion Design Eileen Karp with student proud to wear the FIT logo

“I’m learning about the requirements, portfolios and software they’re using,” says Dhondup Tsering who talked computer animation and computer graphics with Prof. Kathleen Neely.

Prof. Kathleen Neely of Computer Animation and Interactive Media with Dhondup Tsering

Ester Zar, an Advertising Design senior and representative of the Presidential Scholar Program was on hand. “Students love the thought of being in a classroom where everyone wants to be there. There are classes specifically in film or New York architecture or American lives. I took The Invention of New York City, which was incredible.”AD-s_0195

Prof. Vasilios Christofilakos and Chair Sarah Mullins of Accessories Design

“It’s one of the most visually impactful presentations from the departments of Art and Design,” said Associate Dean Sass Brown.”

general s_0162

“The students seem hungry for information says so they can make informed decisions. They’ve done their research,” Prof. Leslie Blum of Communications Design. “They’re asking questions that show they’re thinking carefully about their choices.”

Photos by Rachel Ellner


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