Interior Design “EZ Camp” attracts out-of-towners & stressed out NYers

Karen and Cynthia Blair from Seattle, WA
Karen and Cynthia Blair from Seattle

Spotted contemplating the “Mind Body Spirit” Interior Design senior thesis exhibition in the Pomerantz Art and Design Center were two sisters from Seattle.  A quick invite into their conversation gave us this observation:

“We’re impressed with the variety of technologies the students have to master,” said Karen Blair,” a professor of American history at Central Washington University. “Working from an inspiration, devising layers, and movement, and patterns, it’s really incredible.”

Professor Blair’s sister, Cynthia, has written more than 50 novels, most recently “Reigning Cats & Dogs,” a mystery series. The two were standing in front of the indoor urban campsite designs called “EZ Camp.” 

“EZ Camp” says Interior Design Chair Eric Daniels, “is about taking an outdoor camping experience and recreating it on the New York City West Side Pier.” 

The experience includes marshmallows.  Says Daniels “It’s for stressed out New Yorkers who can’t get out of the city,” and for visitors to marvel.

“Mind Body Spirit” will be on display in the Fred P. Pomerantz Art and Design Center until October 19. The Center is located at the corner of W. 27th and 7th Avenue. 

To learn more about the BFA Interior Design program, go to Interior Design at FIT 

photo: Rachel Ellner


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