The campus gets chalked

Illustration students went loud, bold and beautiful on the FIT campus today. Students from the senior illustration workshop recreated their classwork in chalk images on the concrete canvas of FIT itself. “The art is beautiful. I am so proud of this extension of the classroom,” says Joanne Arbuckle, Dean of the School of Art and Design, who was out viewing the work.

Carlos Bolanos illustration. Right-Corlette Douglas drawing

 A large-toothed bird morphing into a fish shares space with a dreamy-eyed boy beset with beaked creatures of his own.

Left-Grace Batista work. Right-Jenny Kim working

“There is tremendous interest from the public. You can’t get through 7th Avenue. It’s so crowded with people stopping and speaking to the artists,” said Dean Arbuckle.

Brian O’Neill working.  Brittany Falussy’s piece on the right

Prof. Dan Shefelman pondered how to amass images and video of the project that began flooding the internet. “The project is blowing up the blogosphere and I have no idea how to aggregate it all,” said Shefelman standing admid photographers and videographers filming student work.

l. to r. – works of Victoria Lane, Lachelle Lewis, James Deangelis ’13 (Illustration Dept grad & creator of original Chalk FIT logo), Hani Shihada, professional chalk artist.

Dispelled were notions that illustration belongs only in comic books and books for children.

Hannah Chusid and her creation

Hannah Chusid adds extra sizzle to her creation.

Photos by: Randi Butler

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2 Responses to The campus gets chalked

  1. Marty Zelnik(retired prof Interior Design says:

    The Illustration Department and Prof Dan Shefelman are to be commended for “chalking the FIT Campus.” And it’s about time! It sent chills and thrills up my spine to see the students at work and the pedestrians stopping and engaging with them. FINALLY, many folks who pass by the campus daily, actually stopped and understood that FIT has many talented students in many diverse Art & Design majors.

    Art & Design at FIT probably has gained more positive PR from this chalking festival, than all the PR it has received in the last few years. I encourage more of this and with other majors from A&D. This should NOT be a once in a life time event.

    And by the way, no reason admissions should not be out there with handouts for passersby about the Art & Design programs.

    Finally…FIT has two major exposures along 7th AND 8th Avenues. Use them! Not only for a wall chalking but add “store windows” to these facades for additional display and productions by A&D. Now there exists mostly solid limestone walls that have a less than inviting aspect to them. When will FIT recognize that 7th and 8th Avenues offer retail type show window potential that can stop passersby in their tracks?

    Add that to the list of Strategic Planning objectives. Show windows can be added externally and relatively inexpensively.

    Congratulations to all.

    Marty Zelnik (Ret Prof of Interior Design)

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