White Wolf at Brooklyn Waterfront

A hauntingly stark, beautiful lone White Wolf will be on exhibit at the Brooklyn Waterfront Artists’ Coalition from September 21 to October 20.  Sue Willis, who created White Wolf, teaches advanced sculpture and 3D design classes in the Fine Arts Department. The wolf is part of a series by the sculptor and painter that expresses her compassion for the natural world.  In addition to her involvement in the arts industry, Willis cares for wounded birds and cats gone astray.

“White Wolf” by Sue Willis

The exhibit includes both figurative and abstract works of regional artists working in ceramic clay. It was curated by Chief Curator for the Museum of Arts & Design David Revere McFadden.  

 “Although they struggle to survive as any creature would, wolves have been demonized and mythologized to the extent that any attempt at compromise on their behalf is met with extreme resistance.” – Sue Willis

The 20-inch Lone Wolf is unique in it’s scale as a hand-built porcelain object. “Constructing out of porcelain is like trying to sculpt from bread dough. It’s elastic and likes to slump,” says Willis.  “Porcelain can shrink from 20 to 30 percent. Lone Wolf was much larger before it was fired.”

“Harbinger” by Sue Willis

The owl or “Harbinger” is also part of Willis’ series on the natural world.

Willis’ creation was inspired by the acute decline in the country’s wolf population, which she says occurs even with wolves living in or near Yellowstone Park. “Their habitats have been developed as farmland, and with elk and deer being over-hunted, it leaves them little to eat aside from cattle.”

From Sue Willis’ Lover Series

The artist’s other works are often expressed in color. Her paintings in particular are often intensely chromatic.

The Art in Clay opening takes place September 21, from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. at the Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition, located at: 499 Van Brunt Street in  Brooklyn, (718) 596-2507. (Meet artist Sue Willis from 3 pm to 5 pm). For gallery hours go to BWAC.

To see more of Sue Willis’ work go to SueWillis.com

Photos by Rodolfo Martinez

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