Piazza’s work bridges the gap between classroom & industry

We exclaimed over the beautiful patterns as we stood looking at Isabel Piazza’s fabric designs at the AAS Graduating Show. And then just as soon we were lost in fantasies about all the nice things we could make for ourselves out of spectacular fabrics we imagined being made from Piazza’s designs.    

“Birds in Paradise” by Isabel Piazza

Intrigued by her folk art style with elements that are expressive and gentile, we caught up with the former Eastern religion-psychology major turned FIT fabric styling major. Piazza is having a very busy summer. She’s working at two different design studios that focus on prints for apparel and high-end home furnishings.

“Small and humorous things…whether it’s paint chipping off a wall, an interesting shadow cast on the ground, or a renown work of art,” are Piazza’s inspirations. “The screws and bolts that hold up a building,” aren’t minutia to Piazza, “they are just as important as the building itself.”

“Summerset” by Isabel Piazza
This decorative floral painting was done for Piazza’s industrial studio practices course that focuses on the business side of design. “We were instructed to work within a range of limitations. Bridging the gap between the classroom and the industry is essential” says Piazza.
“Rajah” by Isabel Piazza

“I transferred to FIT from a private university. I wanted to do something creative and needed to be in a smaller, close knit community,” says Piazza. “FIT is great for that. I enjoy the intimate class size and the opportunity to engage with your professors on a daily basis. It’s also great being in NYC where there are an unlimited amount of resources—going to fabric trade shows and museums has had a lot of influence on my work as a student.”

photos by Isabel Piazza

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