Art supply donations: destination Pratt Institute

In today’s media we often hear about the raging fire, but little about the aftermath. The story of the fire that destroyed the top two floors of Pratt Institute’s main building on February 15 has faded from the news, but the fallout, the destruction of art studios and student work still looms large. In an effort to help alleviate the hardship, FIT set up an art supply drop-off.

Response was immediate: Three boxes of art supplies were picked days after the fire. Three larger boxes are ready for pick-up. Now two more boxes “are waiting for your gently used or new art supplies to go to students at Pratt,” says Deborah Payton-Jones, volunteer coordinator of Student Life and organizer of the art supply drive.  

Art supplies destined for Pratt

A peek insides the boxes show stretched canvases, large sketch pads, mini wooden table easels, pocket sketch journals, oils and water colors and loads of paint brushes.

“It means a great deal to our students to know their peers are taking time to help them,” says Dina Weiss, the acting assistant chair of Pratt’s fine arts department.

art supplies piling up for Pratt

The bond of cooperation underlines the connection of art students throughout New York City.

“Whether it is Haiti, Japan, or our brothers and sisters in Brooklyn at Pratt Institute, our students demonstrate compassion, philanthropy and civility for those in need. Here at FIT, we’re fashion and so much more.”

 – Deborah Payton-Jones

Art supply donations for Pratt Institute are being accepted at Student Life through this Friday, during the hours of 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

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