What King Tut would have worn…

… with jewelry design professor Steven Parker’s help of course. In the old days — the very old days — people shopped for pre-owned jewelry at their favorite Egyptian tomb. A lot of that loot survives today in the wings of major museums.

King Tut’s imagined bracelet.  Photos: John Bigelow Taylor

But sometimes precious items go missing yet again during periods of political upheaval. Well, at least they could. A bracelet of King Tut’s — a lesser known ninth bracelet — with a prescient clockwork mechanism was lost, then found, then lost again. Well, in truth it was never lost. But it was “found” by Professor Steven Parker, whose fanciful creation of this ancient Egyptian-themed bracelet suggests what Tut might have worn.

The famous archaeologist Kent P. Streaver (an anagram of Steven Parker)  writes in metalsmith magazine that when he came into possession of the original bracelet, he called on its  oracular powers.  The bracelet foretells that the famous archaeologist might not fulfill his  mission.

Prof. Parker’s rendition of 9th bracelet of King Tut’s

Sure enough, “a hand bandaged with dirty linens,” swipes the bracelet from the  archaeologist’s “field of vision.” Alas, “the bracelet [is] gone!”

“I can only hope that the bracelet will resurface someday,” concludes Streaver (setting us up for future adventures).

To read the full story of the bracelet’s journey go to: acmeclockworks.com.  And expect more amazing discoveries from the good archaeologist… err… FIT professor.

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