Shefelman’s Ooze

Dan Shefelman is an illustration department professor who understands the bottom of the food chain. He writes the comic strip “Ooze,” which appears in the current December issue of Mad magazine.

Professor Shefelman’s microbial view fits well with Gary Larson’s (of “The Far Side”).  If you think that Larson’s cows are smarter than the typical political leader, Shefelman, does one better — he has bacteria that are smarter. Imagine your bar date reproducing so fast that you’ll wish you went dutch when the bill comes?

by Dan Shefelman © E.C. Publications, Inc.

To find out more of what happens to Chico Paramecium on his blind date with Cilia Flagella, check out Mad magazine’s December issue on the stands, or to view it free (“What me worry?”) at the FIT library.

Image used with permission from Mad magazine.


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