King of Prussia is illuminated!

One of the most exciting things about King of Prussia, PA is the town’s name. Now along with the driver’s license address “King of Prussia” (officially confirming every driver in town as royalty), you also have a community with an exciting new centerpiece.

Most town boundaries are marked with dull, functional signs. Now six new gateway monuments stand at the entrance to King of Prussia. The town’s mall remains the big attraction. It’s the largest on the East Coast, with 20 million unique visitors coming every year.

Craig Berger, chair of visual presentation and exhibition design, developed the gateway with the King of Prussia District.

One of six gateway monuments to the town of King of Prussia, PA 

Creativity doesn’t get stuff built on its own. The collaboration is the deal here, says Berger.

Berger used an educational interactive approach, which brought together designers, business leaders and fabricators. It is hardly common for these three entities to plan and develop a commercial project from beginning to end. “Well, to design yes,” says Berger. “To pay for it no.”

Made of aluminum with internal dynamic LED lighting, the gateway monument uses cutting edge technology.

“Very few urban gateway projects use lighting as a design centerpiece,” says Berger. “The soft glow of the sign edges make the signs visible from a great distance. The illuminated letters create a strong town identity.”

Photo: Eric Goldstein

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