Elle competition: your vote counts

The innovators of the Elle Fashion Next award have stacked things in FIT’s favor. And still the competition is steep. For the first time they’ve sponsored a competition exclusively for our fashion design students. (See earlier post:  “City-inspired fashion at the core of one’s aesthetic” to read about some big-city experiences that served as inspiration for student designs.)

So far, two winners have been decided, one awaits our vote. Congratulations to Jongsuk Park who received the Maybelline New York Design Visionary Award  and Tae Kyung Kim who took home $25,000  and the Fashion Next Design Award.  They were chosen from 19 FIT student designers who had entered two or three big-city looks.

Now it’s the People’s Choice. Cast your vote for one of 19 finalists. To see their final “looks,” and for more about the competition — and most importantly to cast your vote! — go to: Elle Fashion Next FIT 2012 

Tae Kyung Kim, winner of the Elle FIT design award

The designs of each winner will be featured in the October and December issues of ELLE and on ELLE.com.

Jongsuk Park, winner of Elle Fashion Next award

ELLE’s third annual Fashion Next runway show was held last week at Lincoln Center. It featured the work of the FIT finalists for the 2012 Fashion Next Design Award.

Remember to vote for the student designer of your choice.  Support Elle supporting us.

Photos used with permission.

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