Summer in Italy: vivid colors, shadows and eerie feelings

“I love the night because it allows me to see the stars and the moon, and when most people are sleeping I’m seeing everything in a different light.  Vivid colors, shadows and that eerie feeling of not knowing is exciting to me.” – Sam Verkaik, photography student

Street scenes, fashion shoots, cuisine, architecture, outdoor markets and a dance concert were some of the scenic indulgences of FIT photography students studying in Italy this summer.

photo by: Sam Verkaik

“In Florence we visited the marketplace…I decided to go my own way. My first stop was a food market located in an old but updated building. The smell of the fresh produce excited me. I had visions of buying fresh meat  and vegetables and cooking in an Italian kitchen.” – Tiffany Wheeler.

photo by: Tiffany Wheeler

The itinerary for this summer’s International Photographic Study and Practice included  Florence, Milan, Como, Venice and Lugano, Switzerland.

“Venice felt like another world…The colors were vibrant whether it be the colors in the fabric hanging to dry or the reflections in the water, Venice spoke to me.” – Paula Awad

Photo by: Paula Awad

“In contrast to the bustling city of Milan, Lake Como and the towns surrounding it proved to be quite the contrast. Locals and tourists alike enjoy soaking up the weather, the views, and the culture.” –   Kai Germano

Photo by Kai Germano

To view student work go to: FIT Photography in Italy.  “Feel free to comment on images you like. I’m sure the students will appreciate your thoughts,” says Photography Chair Ron Amato, instructor for the Summer in Italy program.

To read about Summer in Italy 2011 visit: My Italian experience

Photos used with departmental permission.

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