Accessory design students turn to everyday objects for their last sculpture

“I tell the students I love it when they have to stand on a chair to reach their project,” says Fine Arts Prof. Barry Sigel about the Accessory Design students who take his 3-D Design course.  For their final assignment, students had to make geometrical figures out of everyday objects.

Suyun Chng

“This is a really inventive project because Sue cut up two identical cups making them into one bigger cup,” says Sigel.

Caitlin Connelly

But wide works too. “Caitlin’s looks like something out of nature,” says Sigel about a construction made from barbecue skewers. “She brought it in on the bus leery that she might stick someone. She had a big coat over it.”

Brianne Desch

Brie –“as in the cheese” she likes to say–got into every project.

Hyeyoon "Sally" Jung

This wall of translucent cups had a wonderful optical illusion to it.

Natali Sznajderman

Natali’s caffeinated project was made out of coffee filters.

Sonam Sheth

The change to a different blue gives Sonam’s tower of cups a unique feeling.

Mary Kimberly Gayatinea

Kim started out using straws, but came up with this interesting construction using insulation sleeves.

Nayeun "Nell" Kim

“This project appears both flat and 3-dimensional at the same time. The photo also shows how useful it could be as a head rest,” says Sigel

Photos by: Barry Sigel

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