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Fellow students, proud parents and professional photographers came to critique and admire final prints displayed in D351A from the Advanced Style and Media class.  The course, taught and designed by Curtis Willocks,  is required for BFA photography majors.

Willocks served as King of Clubs for one of the photographs based on a character from a deck of cards. “I wanted to take a portrait as a character — something that person is not, and  see what happens,” said Jennifer Santastaso of her portrait of Willocks.

Jennifer Santanastaso's portrait of Adv. Style & Media instructor Curtis Wilocks

“It became clearer to me from this class that ad campaigns are the type of photography I want to do,” said Santastaso.

These occasions also lend themselves to picking up some photography know-how. “I used three grids (lights) in the studio here and shot with a Hasselblad digital back. I cornered off a space in the studio to keep it intimate,” said Santastaso. For added character and definition of features  she used Vaseline and black grease makeup and “a touch” of eyeliner. “It never comes out exactly as you envision, but I was pleased with the outcome,” she said.

“There’s some strong work here” said Professor Tony Gale who dropped by. “It’s good to see what students all over the City are up to– to see what they’re doing in a broader way than what you’re exposed to day-to-day,” said Gale who teaches Studio & Light at Parsons.

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