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“It’s slowing her down–she’s running back and forth re-composing, changing little things–She’s constructing her image,” said Curtis Willocks of Justyna Fijalska’s experience with the large format view camera with a Polaroid back. The photography club met this weekend to explore the capabilities of  the 8×10 camera.

Photo Club member, Justyna Fijalska w/ large format camera. Photo by Rachel Ellner

“I remember mentioning to a class ‘8×10 photography’ and 80 percent of the class had no idea what I was talking about,” said Willocks, adviser to the Photo Club.

“I feel like this type of photography will disappear one day,” said Justyna. “It’s more fun for me. I can control the process more,” she said pausing to wait for the image to form on the Polaroid film.

The photo club is open to all FIT students.

For more results visit: Justafi

To contact the Photography Club email:  [email protected]

photo by Rachel Ellner

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