An open invitation to Faces & Places in Fashion

Get out your date books. The Faces & Places in Fashion lecture series is all the straight talk, practical advice, forecasting (and a little dishing on the side) that you could want from formidable industry innovators. This semester there’s special focus  on design, new media and innovative retail, says Professor Joshua Williams who runs the series.  The lectures are open to the public.

“It’s a great series for understanding the dialectic between creativity and business,” says Williams. “Students love being connected to people who are working in the business dealing with current issues. The environment is great for both listening and asking questions.”

Visit the Faces & Places in Fashion Facebook page for more information.

2 responses to “An open invitation to Faces & Places in Fashion”

  1. I met Howard Khan some years ago while on a visit to a NYC conference for textiles professionals… What a great opportunity for people to learn from a great man. I wish I was out there for it…

  2. Rachel,

    We went to see Mary Amons – the founder of labels for love – what an amazing woman and also she spent a great deal of time talking about eduction, and how much it DOES benefit modern fashion. Take note all, work and commitment will pay off, she is living proof.

    Jack Hall (Fonder of Hooper Bolton)

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