The Year of Kam Mak

It began with in Year of the Rat for Kam Mak.  Since 2008, the professor of Illustration has created the drawing for the U.S. Postal stamp in recognition of the Lunar Calendar.  Last year it was vibrant kumquats that decorated our holiday card envelops. This coming year it’s a feisty dragon with a jaw nearly unhinged. For 44 cents beginning January 2012, you’ll be able to send off your snail mail in fire-breathing, big-toothy style!

Year of the Dragon 2012 postage stamp by Kam Mak


Image provided by Kam Mak

One response to “The Year of Kam Mak”

  1. Kam Mak’s work reflects not only a magnificent culture but a command of painting, color and graphics that he shares with his students… His work continues to shine…Congrats Kam.

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