Natasha Melo helping us locate lipstick, eyeliner & more

When multiple varieties of lipsticks, perfumes and eyeliners at the cosmetics store start looking like a mirage, store owners might want to contact  Natasha Melo for a redesign. The VEPD student is the first-place winner of the 2011 Planning and Visual Education Partnership competition (PAVE).  The competition was judged on  store layout and designs of the individual fixtures within it.  Melo’s entry modeled Sephora, the beauty and cosmetic retailer.

“Piece-by-piece the customer can put together their very own look,”  Melo states in her project’s concept. “Like a mosaic, many different pieces come together to form a look or work of art. Geometric shapes can be broken apart and put back together to form new shapes, and these fixtures within the store were designed to do the same.”

From Natasha Melo's Piece-by-Piece PAVE entry

“Natasha did an excellent job of integrating her concept throughout the entire design from the small scale fixtures to the overall store layout,” said VEPD Chair Craig Berger who also noted the strong entries FIT had this year.

Sephora store layout by Natasha Melo

The competition is one of the top student award programs for store design. There are over 500  entries submitted worldwide. Melo’s work was chosen from 400 entries. On December 7 2011 , Melo will receive her award at Cipriani Wall Street15th Annual PAVE Gala .

The competition provides an excellent opportunity for students to obtain real-life retail design experience. Prizes include grants to students and schools. FIT has used proceeds from previous winning years to fund materials and printing of current presentations.  This victory comes after another AAS student, Elyse Falato was selected as a finalist in the PAVE 3D Design Challenge.  Finalists will be on view at Globalshop 2012 in Las Vegas.

Images provided by VEPD dept.

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  1. As a shopaholic, all I can say is THANK GOD. Malls have been more and more irrelevant with design. It’s about time someone changed that.

    Mommy, blogger and shopaholic

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