Sneak Preview: Jane Gennaro’s “scissor drawings”

Jane Gennaro has long been observing, speaking about, and creating works of art based on underfed fashion models.  Her  work “Feed the Models: The Scissor Drawings of Jane Gennaro,” includes  images cut from fashion magazines, sculptural variations with bones and science glass, and large scale prints on metallic surfaces.

“When does it go from all the fun of dress up and playing with make-up and making your own doll clothes and your own outfits to ‘I hate my body?'” questions Gennaro.

"O. The Battle," by Jane Gennaro

Gennaro has provided commentary for National Public Radio’s (NPR) All Things Considered in 2002. In addition to creating art, Gennaro is a writer, performer, cartoonist, voice-over artist, and illustrator. Her body of work includes  storytelling and poetry, and addresses issues of femininity, media representations of the physical body  and the fashion industry’s use of extremely thin models.

“When I cut out these models I’m manipulating the media, instead of it manipulating me. It’s like ‘You want skinny–I’ll show you skinny!’ So it leaves this DNA strip — as in Definitely Not Anorexic!” jokes Gennaro about her artistic process.

What-When-Where: “Feed the Models” will be on view:  Fred P. Pomerantz Art and Design Center, Seventh Avenue at 27th Street.  11/2 – 1/26;  Performance and discussion: Thursday, 11/ 1/11.

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