A big draw to the 2011 BFA Fair

On October 6th, representatives from the School’s baccalaureate programs, Admissions, Registrar, and the School of Liberal Arts were on hand to great prospective students at the BFA Fair in the Great Hall.

Packaging Design, Chair Marianne Klimchuk & Assoc. Prof. Sandra Krasovec

“Design firms uniquely tackle how to garner the attention of myriad audiences who are, quite simply, distracted,” noted Asst. Dean Erika Massaquoi. “Hence, there is a premium on information and experience-oriented design that can grab audiences, communicate effectively, and service clients.”

Associate Profs. of Communication Design Federun Scholz & Elvin Kince

“The AIGA has identified this as  a trend towards an ‘attention economy,’” said Massaquoi. “Thus it is not surprising that this year we saw a further spike of interest in Graphic Design—I believe the velocity of media has garnered this student interest.”

Asst. Chair Prof. Kam Mak with prospective Illustration students

Fashion Design Apparel Prof. Eileen Karp welcoming interested students

Photos by  Dr. Erika Massaquoi

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