Team Guru & Team Axis score big!

FIT students have proven that it may all be in the packaging after all. Amidst strong competition from 10 other colleges and universities, FIT Packaging Design students won 1st and 2nd place in the Paperboard Packaging Alliance 2011 Student Design Challenge.

1st place Team GURU: l-r Tim McLaughlin, Linda Conlin, Katie Klausner, Shari Baitcher, Ryan Irven

Team Guru and Team AXIS won first and second place respectively. Team Play was considered a finalist of this year’s competition, ranking in the top seven overall entries.

Sandra Krasovec, Associate Professor of Brand Packaging Design Department, explained what the Challenge entailed:  “It was to develop a paperboard package for a smart phone with two tiers of branding and pricing. The first design was for a high-end smart phone, keeping within sustainable parameters in regards to package size and use of materials. As well, it was to be a collector package. The designs then had to be revised to meet market demands for retailing a less expensive version of the phone, so the value perception of the package had to match. It was indeed a complex packaging challenge!”

2nd place Team L7 Axis: l-4 Will Paybarah, Liv Frederiksen, Louis Annunziata, Mihaela Savu

Participants were recognized at an awards’ luncheon held in the Las Vegas Convention Center during PackExpo. PackExpo is an industry convention that exhibits packaging, processing and converting, which highlights innovations in materials and production technologies. This is the second year in a row that FIT students have won the top two awards.

Check out student work at:

photos by Sandra Krasovec

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