Nigel Barker: the man behind and in front of the camera

Nigel Barker kept students riveted with insights and accounts of his experiences as  fashion model, photographer, judge of “America’s Next Top Model,” and service to causes for social good.

He talked about what matters most–and what doesn’t matter at all:

Nigel Barker @ FIT

“It’s truly about the imperfections, the scars, how you move, passion, motivation–that’s what I try to evoke…Emotion is the biggest part of what I do,”  said Barker. “Whoever I’m shooting I have to be in love with at the moment, boy, girl, cat, dog, seal.” (Barker donates his creative energies to the Humane Society to bring attention to the plight of Canadian seals.)

“Having a big budget doesn’t translate to a better photograph,” Barker told students.  “It’s about the personality. The look in the eyes–not the concept of dragging Nascar into the studio.”


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