Suprema Jusil!

Jusil Carroll,  newly minted FIT fashion design grad, won the Supima Design Competition yesterday with a collection the department’s Assistant Chair Steven Stipelman called “simply breathtaking.”

Supima, an organization that promotes American Prima cotton, teamed up the leading design schools, which in turn nominated graduating seniors to be finalists in the competition.

Jusil Carroll and Rachel Zoe, photo: Giovanni Giannoni, WWD

“This was my first fashion show, I can’t believe it. This was an amazing experience,” says Carroll quoted in Women’s Wear Daily. The event was covered widely by fashion publications, blogs and news organizations.

Upon return from the competition professors Stipelman and Christopher Uvenio related that FIT finalist Amy Bittner opened the show for Supima  and Jusil closed it. “They did an outstanding collection–superb,” said Stipelman, of Fashion Design Art. “These are names to watch for in the future.”


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