Justyna’s summer exploration

Before going on vacation to Florida last month, photography student Justyna Fijalska,  stuck a pink dress with a tail of bright colors in her suitcase. It was a “what-the-heck” passing thought–“maybe I’ll use it, maybe I won’t,” she recalls.  Well, she got some spectacular wear out of it.

“Self-Portrait” Justyna Fijalska in Destin, FL

“You know how people say that they don’t have the right clothes, right model, location, lights and stuff like that. There’s always an excuse. I think if you have a passion and love for photography, there’s no such thing as not having the right environment or clothes,” says Justyna.

The dress was created for a fashion shoot for Prof. Robin Zachary’s styling class the previous semester. “The story of the dress is that I made it in one night before my class. I didn’t use a sewing machine–I have no idea how to use one–I sewed it by hand with no mannequin. I wasn’t sure it was going to look like a dress,” laughs Justyna.

“Moved by the Wind” self-portrait of Justyna in the water

“The camera is an amazing tool. The only thing you have to have is imagination. If you follow your thoughts and ideas and feelings, you will end up in places you never thought you might.”

And what if you don’t have the dress. “Just look around,” she says.

"Deep Sea Fishing" photo by Justyna Fijalska

See more of Justyna’s work at: www.justafi.blogspot.com

All photos used with permission

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