Hurly-Burly comes to The Museum @ FIT

A Hurly-Burly Capstone Exhibition might be defined as a commotion of artistic expression and wonderment that lures and intrigues the viewer.  The Hurly-Burly, an exhibit of master’s in Illustration works, is on display at The Museum through July 2nd.

“The show is a wonderful way to bring my ‘mythological hybrids’ to life,” says Lisa Murgo, Class of 2011. Her works are an invitation to other-worldly lands and playful beasts.  “It is great when feedback from unbiased sources reinforces what you are planning to do.”

“Allpaku” by Lisa Murgo

Illustration is “a constant love,” says Murgo. “It’s the heartbeat of everything I do.”

“Basilisk” by Lisa Murgo

Murgo invested in a master of arts degree in Illustration in order to forge a career change in illustration, which she hopes will include teaching. “I loved the program. It woke up my brain,” she says. “I even loved working on a thesis–It’s a discipline that makes the other side of the brain better-–it balances the creative with the logic.”

The illustrations in the Capstone Exhibition, according to the Museum website, “reflect the independently-minded mission of the program.”

In fact, “The class (of 2011) was as diverse and colorful as the artwork on the walls of Hurly Burly,” says Elena Ambotaite. “We all came from different walks of life and backgrounds, yet we managed to become a cohesive unit, influencing and challenging each other.”

“Hippie Fiesta” by Elena Ambotaite

“It was nothing less then a pleasure to learn and grow alongside people who share the same passion,” says Ambotaite of her experience in the MFA class of 2011.

For more info visit The Mueum at FIT website:

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