Invite to REPURPOSE Opening in the form of pizza delivery

Dean Arbuckle accepted a surprise pizza delivery from Prof. C.J.Yeh of the Communication Design Dept. today. This was no ordinary pizza. No extra cheese, mushrooms or pepperoni. But the ingredients were purely artisan-made!

“Dear Joanne,” the delivery slip read. “Please come join us at the opening of this exciting exhibition! Thursday from 5-8 PM @ Red Bull Space.”
Inside the “custom made to your order” pizza box lay 40 collectible mini posters by the designers of the REPURPOSE Show. All are invited and welcome!

The opening for the REPURPOSE exhibit is May 26th at the Red Bull Space, located at: 15 Watts St, #4, hrs. 5-8 p.m. The show remains open from: 12-6 p.m., Friday through Sunday. Subway: A, C, E, 1 to Canal St.

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4 Responses to Invite to REPURPOSE Opening in the form of pizza delivery

  1. Matt Silverman says:

    Looking forward to seeing the exhibit.

  2. Niq McClam says:

    The pizza box is so innovative. I am excited to see what the exhibit has in store.

  3. Collectibles says:

    It was a sweet invitation, I hope Joanne came to the exhibit. who would say no with a box of pizza

  4. Danny Maine says:

    Great article, this is creativity at it’s finest. Who would have thought to use pizza delivery to do this kind of thing.

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