Garance Dore´Visits Faces & Places in Fashion

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At the invitation of Professor Joshua Williams, fashion blogger Garance Dore´, spoke to students and attendees of Faces & Places in Fashion class about the evolution of her enormously popular (70,000 hits a day!) blog (  She was accompanied by famed street-style blogger & boyfriend, Scott Shuman (The Sartorialist).

Garance Dore´ speaking with students from Faces and Places in Fashion

Recounting her move from a website format with illustrations, to a blog with photography, Dore´ said “My blog is about writing. People feel friendly with me…Little by little the doors of fashion started opening to me.”

“I love technology and I’m always trying to find a new way to do my blog. I try to push the technology. It’s a very personal diary, not a report,” said Dore´.

As her following soared, Dore´ developed caution about accepting industry gifts. “’If I send you a product will you talk about it on your blog?’ she was asked. “I started refusing presents. I didn’t know how to lie to people…I found a way to stay true and not be a slave to brands.”

Garance Dore´ greeting Faces & Places in Fashion student

While forthright about her opinions and tastes, Dore´ is sensitive to the labor involved in creating fashion. “If there is something I don’t like I choose not to say anything about it because I know what goes into it,” she said.

Dore´ says being a “girl” gives her an edge among bloggers. “It’s an asset being a girl. I shoot (photos) in a different way than boys, because they are things that I want to wear. I know what the shoes feel like. I give myself different kinds of challenges. What’s hot right now? I am interested in what’s on the streets. I take a little from the streets and a little from the shows. I want to show my vision. How do I show that in the most beautiful way?”

Garance Dore´, Prof. Joshua Williams

That doesn’t giving short shrift to men’s fashion.  “I’m super inspired by men’s fashion…My blog is more about how to wear it.” Dore´ expressed a preference for “men who are very simple,” versus “overdressed.”

She can be influenced. Dore´ said her boyfriend Scott cautioned against wearing sweat pants to fashion shows. She had figured, “Why not? I’ll be behind the camera?” But she took to wearing the fashions she admired.  “I think I forbid him to wear a few things too,” she teased. “Like the paisley jacket.”

Power fashion bloggers & couple Scott Shuman & Garance Dore´

As for the future of magazines in a digital world? “I love magazines. I grew up in Corsica and they were the only things to know what’s going on. Right now I think they’re still very meaningful. I think they’re going to evolve and they are evolving…It’s just another offering of fashion. The internet has to go so fast,” she said, in contrast to magazines that can offer more contemplative editorial content.

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  3. So minimal and at the same time such authentic fashion. Excellent pictures, amazing clothing!

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