Long Winter’s Nap

dinner theatre
“Queen of the Night” at the Paramount Hotel, pic from TONY

Hi, all!  It’s been pretty busy here at FIT, with students and teachers working on final projects and papers.  For that reason, and because FIT is closed from December 23-January 2, this will be a short post.  After the holidays we will resume the schedule of having a long post at the beginning of the month and a short one mid-month.

Just in case you need ideas for things to do, here are some of our favorite websites for (inexpensive) goings on around the city:

The Skint

Time Out New York

American Museum of Natural History programs

Metropolitan Museum of Art exhibitions

Gothamist, NYC focused news and stuff

Pierre Balmain coats from the 1950s
Pierre Balmain lace dress, 1953



To let you know what’s brewing here, I am already working on a long post about the history of the House of Balmain, starting with the man himself, and ending up with the current hot shot, Oliver Rousteing.



Current ad campaign for House of Balmain by Rousteing
Current ad campaign for House of Balmain by Rousteing





That will be out either January 20th, if I can get it all together, or February 3rd.  It will be laid out much like the post I wrote on the House of Dior in November.


Denise n Beth
Denise and I wish you the happiest of New Year’s!




Denise and I are also working on another edition of Needles in the Stacks, our series of book reviews of the many (and I mean MANY) how-to books we have here in the FIT Library.  We’re looking at books on embellishment techniques this time.

knight stitch bbl
A good book that we will review soon in Needles in the Stacks




We’re still trying to sort out if this will be all embroidery and fabric manipulation, or if it will also include beading, LED trimmings, and whatever else we come across.

Feel free to make suggestions and we will take them.   Here is the link to StyleCat, if you want to look up what we have here to make specific requests:

StyleCat, library’s everything listing


In the meantime, we wish you the best of every festive thing this holiday season!  We look forward to chatting with you again in the new year.

Beth McMahon

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Magazine of the Week

Hi, all!

We have a super festive cover for you this week!

mow shuz

We are hoping that Santa (or your partner, kids, friend, or Zappos) brought you some really fabulous shoes for Christmas! (or Solstice, Channukah, or Kwanza, or even just because you wanted them!) Enjoy your time off, because the FIT Library is closed from December 24-January 3!

Because we wish you every bright and sparkly thing for the new year, we offer you this pretty title.  It was a market report/forecast for the footwear industry.  We picked it up in 1999, but it ceased publication in fall 2005.  It had both mood pages and industry news, as well as spotlights on different aspects of the biz.

mow shuz listing

Here’s a market comparison of boots at market, a category that’s still very important this winter.




mow shuz romance



And then there’s this pretty, romantic page that accompanied a profile of Philippe Model, footwear and hat designer:

The recent recession has hit the accessories industry hard.  Very few titles remain that specialize in the handbags, shoe, jewelry, or millinary industries.


We have a lot of the former titles that used to inform buyers and designers, and they’re available to you just for the asking (at the PERS desk, 6th floor, and not to remove from the library, of course.)  Here is the annotated list of our footwear titles:


And here is the list that covers other accessory categories:


We hope you’ll come take a look (after we reopen January 3, of course)!

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Joyeuses Fetes!

Hi, everyone!

Welcome to the last day of the semester.  Today’s magazine is:

style gd winter

The header on this cover proclaims the magazine’s focus as “Visual Merchandising * Retail Design* Sales Promotion”.  The contents consist of interviews and discussions of the industry’s prominent designers as well as photographs of the best displays of the month.  The images seem to be all from northern Europe, England, and the US.  The cover above was part of the Christmas windows at Harvey Nichols, London, winter 2014.

Holiday windows get good coverage, as with this one from Printemps Paris, winter 2014:

style gd treeStyleCat record for Style Guide

The whole list of display-oriented titles we have in PERS can be found here:


We wish you every good and happy thing for the winter holidays!  Joyeuses Fetes!


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