Congratulations Future of Fashion 2018!

The best thing about working at FIT is the amazing group of super talented people we get to help out: the students! It’s that time of year again when the best work is put on display, and that includes the Future of Fashion Show, on May 3, Thursday, at 7:00pm.

FIT streams this show annually at this url:

You can also look at older fashion shows online at that site.

The FIT Media Department filmed some of the highlights of the fashion show selection day, if you want to take a sneak preview:


If you’re curious about how the students develop their final garments or how the critics work with the students, they now keep a blog telling the story of the process. Here’s this year’s set of stories:

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Write and Cite help!

Hi, everyone,

Just wanted to remind you that we’re having another Citation Salon this coming Wednesday, May 2. Come get some help with your research projects and papers. The focus is specifically on how to cite the sources you used so that others can find them too, if they need to.

Librarians will be available that evening to answer questions about doing research and writing it up properly. Come check it out!

In case you can’t, here are our Research Guides on citing sources:

Guide to citing sources in APA format

Guide to citing sources in MLA format

Here’s a post from a few months ago that talks more about different kinds of research available here in the library:

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Death of a Fashionista

Bill Cunningham, photographed by Will Ragozzino for Racked NY, March 2012

When Bill Cunningham died suddenly in June 2016, I was in the middle of writing a post about him. I didn’t get it finished in time to honor him then. Cunningham regularly attended museum openings here at the Museum at FIT. I was even photographed by him for one of those events! Now that publicity has begun for his posthumous memoir, I feel I can finally finish that old post.


What got me excited about Bill Cunningham were the old issues of Details magazine in our collection. Details is the publication that gave Cunningham carte blanche to design his ideal job. He photographed fashion shows, but he also took pictures of the audiences and New York’s party scene. Back then Details covered avant garde fashion for both men and women and only in black and white (sorry!)(it changed to covering just men in 1990 or so). Both Cunningham and his photography were featured regularly in the 1980s.







I’m sure we’ll buy a copy of his memoir when it comes out, but we have the movie about him already:

The 1980s were a colorful and exuberant time in the fashion world. It seems that Bill Cunningham never lost that excitement or enjoyment of color. I hope he has plenty of people to watch wherever he’s riding his bicycle now. We miss you, Bill!



For more about his life and love of fashion:


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