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Aperture is unusual in the art world because it was created, designed, curated, and maintained by the people to whom it is aimed. In 1952 this title, which comes out 4 times per year,  was created by a group of established photographers saw a need for a magazine that would highlight quality photographic art in a way accessible to professionals and casual enthusiasts.

app curr wtr“Aperture has been originated to communicate with serious photographers and creative people everywhere, whether professional, amateur or student… Aperture is intended to be a mature journal in which photographers can talk straight to each other, discuss the problems that face photography as profession and art, share their experiences, comment on what goes on, descry the new potentials.” (Aperture, 1:1 1952)



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Over the years, the foundation behind the magazine, which became a not-for-profit in 1962, has grown into a major publisher, a museum collaborator, an e-book publisher, an event sponsor, and a collaborator in educational, museum, and benefit programs, all to support the visual arts in general and photography or image creation in particular. More recently, it has added mobile hardware applications to its cross-media platform.



In PERS, we have holdings of this title going back to January, 1965.

There is also, of course, a blog:

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Magazine of the Week

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Casa Vogue is published by Vogue Italia. When it was launched in 1968, it was published monthly. While it includes the sorts of interiors and house show & tell of other glossy interiors magazines, this one has excellent coverage of current furniture design, art trends and collecting, and every aspect of furnishing or decoration, particularly home goods of all sorts.

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Much of the furniture and small knick-knacks in this title are one of a kind artworks, or manufactured on a small studio level. Unlike, say, Living, Etc., this title isn’t about DIY, either. Most of the pages show expensive decorator or artist interiors.

In order to provide this sort of avant-garde interior information, the pages are about 2/3 advertising. Looking backwards for inspiration, these ads are as interesting as the editorial, showing, as they do, some of the best of contemporary Italian design.



As with so many fine things, the 1990s brought financial difficulties. The last issue of this title was published in July 1995. That was not the last of Casa Vogue, however. A few years after it stopped being published separately, Vogue Italia began including the title as one of the many supplements it ships with. Casa Vogue now comes out in a spring and fall edition, concurrent with the April and October issues of Vogue Italia.

Casa Vogue and Vogue Italia can be paged at the PERS desk, 6th floor in the library.

Some other related materials include:

Styles of Living: The Best of Casa Vogue, edited by Isa Verchelloni

5th floor, Main Stacks, NA7355 .S7

Anna Piaggi’s Fashion Algebra: DP in Vogue, by Anna Piaggi

5th floor, Main Stacks TT506 .P529713 1998

Come take a look!

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