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This week’s title is


This title is the partner of another scholarly title, Fashion Theory. Published in Routledge’s series of academic titles focused on design, material culture, social history and fashion, Fashion Practice applies scholarly analysis the design process, business and sales, and production sides of the fashion industry.

We have access to this title both in hard copy, up at the PERS desk on the 6th floor, and electronically, through our subscription with Taylor & Francis Online.

For a look at our other scholarly or research-oriented titles, check out this Research Guide:


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Celebrating More Old Threads

red lions

Hi, all!

Just wanted to send New York’s Textile Month out with a bang. Today at lunch time we’re having the second session of our Wikipedia Edit-a-thon:


Register, stop by, come and write something that will get used by millions!


Our cheerful library workers will set you up and help you with any questions you have either about Wikipedia editing or about the topic you want to write about.






But also, I write about historic textiles a lot here, because it’s I am fascinated with the medieval silk road. In order to keep you all reading, I’m giving you this post about St. Ambrose and his luxurious threads once again.


mozac hunter

We have lots of books on the historic silk road, but I’ll save those for another post! May there be many lovely textiles in your week,


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You sustain FIT


This week at FIT is Sustainability Awareness Week, and we wanted to make sure you got a list of the events coming up:

There’s some cool stuff not to miss, bees for FIT, and even a greenmarket here on Thursday!

FIT students are very involved with sustainable projects:

The FIT Sustainability group has an FB page, too:

For more resources on the subject, take a look at our Research Guide on the topic:






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