What’s in Wikipedia?


Women working with ENIAC, the world’s first computer

Fewer than 10% of Wikipedia editors are women and there is a well-documented lack participation by non-whites and non-westerners, as well. As a result, the coverage of notable women, people of color, and of entire feminized areas of knowledge are underrepresented on Wikipedia, which is the 6th most visited website in the world. Because of efforts like those of Art+Feminism and AfroCrowd, gender and racial bias and its repercussions on Wikipedia are starting to improve, but there is still much work to be done.⠀ ⠀

Join us tomorrow, March 8, from 11am to 5pm for a chance to help improve the representation of women and people of color. FIT librarians will be available throughout the event to help with citations and locating research. The event will be in the library, in computer lab E509.

Here is a link to our Eventbrite site where people can register: fashioneditwiki.eventbrite.com ⠀

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Magazine of the Week

Hi, everyone, welcome back!

This week’s MoW is Toybook. This is a trade publication for the toy design/manufacturing industry. FIT has one of the few degrees available in Toy Design. This title is one of several we subscribe to specifically to support Toy Design students. Published six times a year in New York City (home of the U.S. Toy Market). The parent company for this magazine also publishes Licensing Book. Both titles were launched in the mid-1980s.


Like other trade publications, Toybook focuses heavily on industry shows, awards, and product reviews. The annual NYC Toy Fair just happened February 18-21 at Jacob Javits Center. The current issue of this title includes a lot of announcements for toys that will be launched at the fair this year, as well as reviews of toys that have come out recently. And, being a trade publication, it also has plenty of analysis of the health of toys at retail and the difference between online and brick-and-mortar sales figures.





What’s especially fun, of course, are the ads. Very different from the ones in, say, Bloomburg Businessweek or WWD.

Come up and take a look!







I wrote a bit about this trade publication some time ago, which you can read here.


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Preview of Coming Attractions!

Once more, apologies. We’ve had further technical difficulties while the FIT tech people try to recover lost posts from our unfortunate hack a few weeks ago. But we return today to our normally scheduled programming, which includes:

Advertising the new Writing & Research lab. This new space in the library includes student tutors to help you with your writing projects.

For more information, or to make an appointment with a tutor, https://www.fitnyc.edu/writing-studio/.

Advertising our Wikipedia Editing event next week:

I’ll be writing more about International Women’s Day and the effect the Women’s March in January had on the runway this past week as well.

Finally, I intend to share with you *my* take on the Oscars, and hope that some of you will share your opinions. Because Opinions! We all have ’em!

Till next week, then!


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