New semester, new books!

The new books shelf on the 5th floor of the library

Hi, everyone! As the library settles into the new semester, I just wanted to remind you that we keep getting new books all the time. We display these on shelves right outside of the computer lab in room E509. You’re allowed to check these out at the Access Services Desk in the lobby of the library on the 5th floor.

We buy titles covering a lot of subjects relevant to our FIT community. Here’s a cool one on product design using new technologies:

“Smart Product Design” cover


It includes prototypes in medicine, communication, home design, and other fields.









“Sea of Poppies” by Amitav Ghosh



We buy some new fiction, often if it’s part of the #FITreads project, or if an English professor plans to use it in class. But we also try to maintain a collection of classics.




“Freestyle: Illustrating Urban Fashion” cover




We buy a lot of graphic novels, childrens’ books, and other illustrated books. This book focuses on line illustration commissioned for t-shirts.

The artwork in this book has a 1970s feeling, with some influence by Robert Crumb and MAD Magazine.




A lot of the artwork in this book was commissioned by clothing companies with an urban/streetwear focus, as the t-shirt in this illustration shows.




Illustration and graphic design are also heavily used in the casual shoe and sneaker design world, as these pages show.





And, of course, we buy almost everything that comes out related to textiles and fashion history. Here’s a new book on fashion history of the 16th century (1500s) in England.

“Tudor Fashion” by Eleri Lynn, cover



More of the sixteenth-century clothing goodies photographed in this book:










We hope you have a terrific weekend! We’re closed Saturday, September 30th, in observance of Yom Kippur, but we open again Sunday, and all these new books are available to you!







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Magazine of the Week

Here is this week’s Magazine of the Week!

We subscribed to Exhibitor at the request of the FIT Visual Presentation and Exhibition Design major. This trade publication supports the business of trade show design, event logistics, preparation, and display. It is published 12x a year, in Rochester, Minnesota by the Exhibitor Media Group. Their mission statement is “to provide exhibit- and event-marketing professionals with the tools and education to produce high-performance programs with measurable results.” The organization also offers workshops and e-classes on related topics.












While many articles (and ads) focus on design ideas for vendor displays, the rest of the content, augmented by a detailed web presence, offers extensive how-to on the business side of creating, moving, and setting up trade show displays. Not surprisingly, the magazine and the accompanying website are full of spiffy graphics and engaging visuals.






The organization that produces this magazine and its sister website also gives an array of annual awards series, each focused on a different aspect of trade show design and operation:

The Sizzle Awards
The All-Star Awards
Exhibit Design Awards
Portable/Modular Awards
Corporate Event Awards

The publishers are quite conscious of their own award-winnings, for excellence in a trade publication:

Come down to the new Periodicals and Electronic Resources desk and take a look!

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Magazine of the Week

Hi, everybody! Welcome back to our Magazine of the Week feature.


I’ve been super busy organizing the new Periodicals and Electronic Resources department after the summer’s move, but I’m finally caught up enough to resume writing the Mag of the Week.

So. This week’s magazine, Athleta, is actually a store catalog. We subscribe to a number of these. A lot of American fashion isn’t the expensive, exclusive runway fashion that shows up in magazines like Vogue, and isn’t avant garde enough to be covered in Surface or V, but is still part of the story of what American men and women wear. In addition, having the prices of items with the images of the items themselves provides invaluable cost-of-living data for future researchers.


Athleta was begun 1998 by Scott Kerslake, a cyclist and surfer. He brought his entreprenurial background (development team at an internet startup, founder of Mirival spa in AZ) to a problem he heard repeatedly from his athletic friends: The women he cycled with couldn’t find athletic wear they liked.







Few stores carried active sportswear for women, and what there was was gray or black, and couldn’t be worn to work as well as work out. He hired women and men (but mostly women: the staff was 90% women to begin with) who were runners, cyclists, triathletes, yoga instructors, boxers: all athletes,  who used the products as well as designed, marketed, and sold them. The company began as a catalog sales and expanded rapidly into web sales.





The company did so well that it was able to get venture capital in 2002 to expand and update its web offerings. Then in 2008, the Gap bought the company in order to move into the burgeoning althleisure clothing market. By 2011, the Gap opened retail stores in Marin County, California, and San Francisco, epicenters for active, health-conscious consumers.

We started subscribing near the end of 2009. The active sportswear market is an important one in today’s retail mix, and this is a great example of excellent merchandising and niche design.


For more information about this company:

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