FIT Friendships – Old and New

Saturday was another great day at FIT, and although it was only the fourth day of class, I’ve already met some really cool people. It’s easy to make friends at FIT because everyone has the same interests, and everyone wants to be there and is interested in learning about fashion. Because I have so much in common with everyone, there is always something to talk about; it’s nice to be able to talk about runway shows, new stores, and designers with people who are also really passionate about the fashion industry.

On Saturday morning, my class went on a field trip in which we would explore stores on 34th street, and take photos of the mannequins and displays. In addition to being a chance to observe the trends and similarities between the displays, it was also a great opportunity to bond with the other students. The girls in my class are a lot of fun, and I look forward to getting to know them even better over the next few weeks.

Jill, Sam, Me, and Nicole in Forever21.

In addition to making new friends, I also get to spend some time with my best friends from high school: Amanda and Tori. We take the train together and meet up for lunch every Saturday. We even plan on taking a few shopping trips after class now that the weather is nice. We love spending this time together so much that we’ll be counting down the days until FIT during the school week. Tori is a Precollege blogger for the Makeup-Cosmetics and Fragrance class, so you should check out her blog posts, too.

Tori and I on the train.

Amanda and Tori.

So far, FIT has been an awesome way to meet people whom I share interests with, as well as a way to spend time with friends that I already have. The experience is making me look forward to all of the friends I’ll make in college. I can’t wait!