“If You Want to Make Donuts, Make Donuts…”

Before I explain about the donuts, let me tell you about my night on the 25th…basically, it was fabulous! I got to attend the senior fashion show at the High School of Fashion Industries with two other bloggers, Karlie and Sarah. The show was in honor of Isabel and Ruben Toledo,  who are the most amazing people I have ever met. I’m going to gush over them in a little bit so be warned. Before the show started we wandered around taking pictures (and got our pictures taken too!). Then we managed to meet the Toledos, which was an absolute dream come true. Isabel Toledo? She designed Michelle Obama’s inauguration dress. Ruben Toledo? Walk into the museum at FIT and you’ll see his art on the wall.



















Look how gorgeous they are! Isabel’s outfit was absolutely flawless, and Ruben is the most charming and friendly person you will ever meet!


When we took their pictures they asked what we were there for, so we explained about the blog. Thank goodness for Karlie, who managed to think of some questions to ask them while me and Sarah were starstruck.

They described their design process as “organic” because they work so naturally and freely together. Isabel actually describes her designs out loud while Ruben sketches them for her. And of course, they named each other as the most influential person in their lives. It’s fascinating to watch them talk together. When Ruben claims he’s only riding on Isabel’s coattails, she laughs and flaps her coattails out. When I mention that Ruben did the artwork for the cover of my copy of Pride & Prejudice (it was the reason I bought the book), Isabel looks at Ruben and says “that’s right!”; he wants to know if I liked it. Um, YES! Then he said I could steal some of his artwork that was in the lobby of the school because art theft is a crime of passion. It was a very tempting idea, but I managed to restrain myself. I bought a tote bag with the drawing he did especially for the fashion show as a consolation to art theft. They also encouraged anyone who knows what they want to do for a career to start when they are young. (“If you want to make donuts, make donuts!”) The Toledos met in their high school Spanish class, so it looks like starting young works out pretty well.

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