Tip of the Week: Last Chance for Registration/100% Refund

This week, we are going to provide you with a few Tips of the Week instead of just one!

First: If you are interested in registering for Summer Live or Summer Workshop courses for middle school or high school students, please note that online registration ends this week on Jule 1, 2011.

Second: In a previous post, we explained that this is the perfect time to do a class search to see if seats are suddenly available in our most popular courses. Why? Students who find they are suddenly unable to attend our programs tend to withdraw this week so that they may take advantage of a 100% refund.

Third: If you feel that you are unable to attend our summer programs this term, June 1st is the last day to withdraw from a courses and receive a 100% refund. You may visit this site to review our refund policy and to obtain the refund/withdrawal form.

Tip of the Week: Searching for a Class

Precollege Summer session online registration ends June 1st.

If you didn’t get into your first choice, do a class search regularly this week to see if a spot in your favorite class became available! You can do this by logging into MyFIT with your username and password, or by visiting the MyFIT login site and selecting “Class Search” without even logging in.

Instructions can be found below or you may click here for a short video example.

  1. To use the class search option, first select your term.
  2. When you see the search page, the easiest way to search is by subject and course number, if you know it.
  3. After you search, the class listing will appear showing you available courses (closed courses will not be displayed).
  4. If you click the title of the course, you can see exactly how many seats are remaining.


Tip of the Week: The Importance of Your Student ID Number

The moment you apply for a username and password at FIT, the College issues you your own, personal Student Identification Number. This number is very important.

If you ever e-mail FIT or call FIT, you will be asked to provide your Student ID Number so that we can better assist you.

What is the Student ID Number?

Well, if you submitted a Precollege application, you should have received this number in your first e-mail from us – the confirmation e-mail which also included your username and password for online registration. You can also see it when you log into your MyFIT portal on your student schedule screen.

Your Student ID Number always begins with the “@” symbol and is followed by 8 numbers (i.e. @12345678).

So for this week’s Tip of the Week

Place your Student ID Number it in a safe place like your phone, or better yet, your memory! You’ll be glad you did!

Tip of the Week: Your Second Chance at Hot Courses Like Sewing & Photography

This week, the Office of Precollege Programs began receiving  calls from parents and students who were unable to obtain seats in some of our Summer Live Sewing and Photography courses. As you know, Precollege courses are first-come, first-served and of them all, Photography and Sewing fill the fastest! Literally – in minutes!

Unfortunately, if a course is full, there is nothing we can do; we are unable to add additional students to an already closed class and due to space constraints, we are unable to open new sections. So, what can YOU do?

That leads us to this week’s “Tip of the Week:”

During the week of May 23rd, seats become available in many of our “hot” courses!

The week of May 23rd is the last week students can receive a 100% refund . Students unable to book travel or housing accommodations in time withdraw from the program at this time! So in other words – don’t give up hope! This week is your second chance. Continue to check course availability through MyFIT.

Need a username and password to register for Summer courses? Complete your Summer application here!


Tip of the Week: The Best Day To Check For Newly Available Seats

Picture it: You have received your username and password and you have chosen a course you would like to register for this Summer. However, after you have logged into the MyFIT portal and filled out the form for web registration, you click submit only to find the course you want is full. What do you do?

Well, if you call our office you will learn that all of our courses are first-come, first-served. Once the class closes there is nothing we can do. We do not have “Wait-Lists” because registration is an online process – meaning students can adjust their schedules 24/7. As you can imagine, this makes it impossible for our Office to track every student in the program and work from a list.

So what is a student to do? Here is a tip on how you can best see if a seat becomes available:

Every Tuesday, Precollege Programs deregisters students who did not pay their account balances by the previous week’s deadline. Log into MyFIT and search by course every Tuesday evening/Wednesday morning. You may find that the course you really want to take is suddenly available!