Getting Closer To My Dreams

Being at FIT has been such a learning experience. My skills have improved significantly since I’ve started my class. Before FIT I didnt even know I had any drawing skills at all. When I started my classes and realized how much drawing was entailed, I thought I couldn’t do it! However, I decided to practice and attempt to improve my skills. Now when I look at my floor plan for the final project and compare it to my first floor plan I can see how much the program has helped me. My lines are straight, I am able to add details to furniture and I’ve learned how to properly mark furniture. I’m submitted everything I have worked on in my portfolio and I feel more than confident in my work. If I wasn’t involved in this precollege program I would be completely lost when submitting my portfolio. They would have asked for a 1/4 inch = 1 foot scale and I would have just been like “whaaaaaaat 0_O?” Because I am in the program I have all the correct tools needed to prepare a portfolio! I probably would have never applied to any school that asked for a portfolio if I didn’t take these classes.

I see a huge difference in my work and I hope that my drawings and skills just keep getting better. I still need to work on drawing furniture into my plans because sometimes I change my whole idea just because I can’t get it on paper. I also need to work on picking fabrics and colors, it’s my favorite part but I love it so much that it’s hard to make a choice!

I’m so grateful to be apart of precollege programs and to be able to learn more about my major. I am so passionate about interior design and being at FIT has completely opened my mind.


This is the floor plan for my final project! Sorry for the unclear picture, It’s not completely finished!