In The Halls: Marti Rose

Student: Marti Rose (15) Long Island, NY
Program: Saturday Live
Precollege Course: HAR 87: Advanced Fashion Art for Fashion Designers

Describe your personal style?
My style changes from day to day: some days I can be girly, edgy, or hipster.

Where do you go on your breaks from class?
I usually go to Gigi Cafe, or Rosa’s Pizza.

What is your favorite thing about FIT?
I love how everyone is so different and unique!

Who or what inspires you?
Jessica Biel, Vogue, Elle, Seventeen, and the New York Times.

What do you want to do after you graduate from college?
I would like to work for a fashion magazine and live in New York City.



Beginnings At FIT

Beginnings are always exciting. At FIT, beginnings are creative as well. The opportunity to learn with real professors and talk with talented students that are as old as you are is simply brilliant.

FIT is a place where you can get inspiration from literally everything. It’s a nice way to explore your interests and get more involved with your chosen profession. Because of this I chose to wear my new spiky boots. I live very close to FIT, only about 45 minutes away by car, so we accidentally arrived an hour early. Even so, I was far from the first student there.

class projects

three of the four things we will be making.

The classroom was filled with industrial sewing machines and irons. Pretty soon the professor started the class. We talked about ourselves, and she talked about safety rules. Most of the students already went to an artistic high school and those who went to normal school took art classes. It was interesting hearing them talk about their personal reasons for learning how to sew and how it worked with their specified interests.The professor showed us how to work the machines and told us to sew some

window view

the view from my first class

straight lines on a piece of paper. We didn’t use thread so we all ended up with little holes in the paper. This let us get the hang of working with such a fast machine. I’m pretty good with basic straight stitches, but these machines were huge. After we all got the hang of the machines she taught us how to thread them. This was particularly hard as there were so many loops and holes your thread had to go through. Next she taught us how to block small pieces of muslin, which she then made us sew straight stitches on. Once you had filled your entire pieces of muslin with straight stitches you could move on the triangles. She showed us how to do these and it was pretty easy. I finished my triangles early so I moved onto tucks. I love using this technique on clothes so I finished them pretty fast. Then she called for clean up.

2012-09-29 12.58.44

display of Halloween looks.

I had an hour for lunch and then my draping class. Quite of few of the students in my sewing class were also in my draping class, so the introductions at the beginning of class were easier. The professor talked about the basics of draping and safety, then told us how

2012-09-29 13.22.23

my draping classroom

to choose a dress from. After we all had dress forms she showed us how to measure them accurately. We then blocked and ironed large pieces of muslin. We will be using these pieces to drape a skirt. we then did extensive measuring and quit a lot of math. this involved adding 3/8ths to everything and a six inch extra to the overall measurements.  we then drew all of our measurements onto our fabrics, checked to make sure it was right, and cleaned up.

But that took us quite some time so we will be draping next week. I’m very excited to be learning new things about construction. I am always pleased with my designs, it’s just making them real that has given me trouble. So I am hoping that come next fall, my design and construction skills will both be even.

Overall, FIT has once again taught me stuff I didn’t think I’d be learning, inspired me for things I didn’t think I had an interest in, and made me feel at home. I’m excited to learn more, especially about things I didn’t know I wanted to learn. What would you like to learn that you’ve never really spent time on?


A Bittersweet Ending

As the past couple days have gone by, I have realized I’m not returning to FIT the following week. My alarm will ring for 6:50 AM and I will simply sigh, turn it off, and take in the harsh reality of nnot returning to the place I love.

These past three weeks have been the highlight of my summer. (And probably of my year) I mean, come on, it’s FIT.. It’s unlike anywhere else.

The classes I took this year were outstanding. I made some remarkable new friends who I will DEFINITELY keep in contact with. I even found my roommate for FIT! (If I get in!) My experience here was phenomenal. I wish I was a freshman so I can take even more Precollege classes! Unfortunately, I live too far away to attend classes during the Fall or Spring. What a shame.

I hope I get good marks on all my final projects. I am so anxious to view them! They are getting posted on August 2nd, so remember to check them out!

My jacket (from my sewing class) turned out phenomenal! I ordered a bunch of spikes and studs from this really cool website. I can’t wait to go home and apply them to my jacket! I’m also going to distress it with sand paper! In my first class I also made a t-shirt. It’s a grey jersey knit t-shirt with a ballet neckline and long sleeves. It’s the comfiest t-shirt IN THE WORLD!

I’m so excited to return home and start working on my portfolio. I think I will include my jacket in my portfolio.. I worked so hard on it and I am so proud of myself!

How were your classes? Do you think you will return to FIT? How did your final projects turn out?

Overall, my last day was filled with excitement, a sense of pride, sadness, and some realizations for the future. I was excited that all my hard work was finally completed. I had a sense of pride in myself, and in the work I created. A sense of sadness because I am leaving the place and people I have grown to adore. And the realization that if I don’t work hard, I may never return to FIT.. And that simply won’t do.

I hope you all had a wonderful experience at FIT, I know I did!

I do not want to say goodbye to any of you people” -Christa McAuliffe

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The Beginning of The End

My last class was Saturday, the feeling is bittersweet.  I am sad for my class to be over because I met amazing people,  learned so much about the field I plan to go into after college, and overall just had a lot of fun.  However, I am also glad to be one step closer to my goals of getting accepted to the Fashion Institute and then ultimately becoming a fashion stylist.

Saturday, we did our final photo shoot of our food.  Our sushi concept turned out really well and everyone else’s projects came out wonderful also.  Professor Sokoli encouraged us to think outside the box and display our food in an unexpected way, so our idea was to show sushi ironically coming out of a fish bowl.

After class we posed for a class photo (some people are missing though:c), a few friends and I went to see the Daphne Guinness exhibit at FIT (which by the way, is AMAZING) .  Then we went out for Thai food at Room Service on 8th avenue to commemorate the end of our class and the official beginning to our amazing friendship.

I have already signed up for my spring precollege class at FIT.  I decided I want to get some really good pieces for my portfolio before applying to the Fashion Institute at the end of this summer.  I decided to take HDE 112 Graphic Design for Parties, Events, and Fashion Promotions because it is a combination of fashion and graphic design which I love.  It is not a styling class, however it is in the Visual PResentation and Exhibition Design department which is the department I am applying to, which shows the diversity of my abilities.

I made a Facebook page for my FIT class so we could communicate throughout the semester and stay in touch after the class is over.  I definately reccomend this to anyone in an FIT Precollege class because if you are doing a group project, you can communicate with your entire class in one post.  I put a post on the page that I was taking this class in the spring and soon enough, my entire class with the exception of maybe 2 or 3 signed up for the same class!  Next semester is going to be really great because I’ll be doing something that I love with people that I love.  I am also looking forward to the change in environment because I have never taken an FIT class that is all work done on the computer – although I have taken a few computer graphics classes in my high school.  Our professor will probably be confused on the first day when everyone already knows each other though, haha.

But anyway, I am sad to say this is my last post for FIT Precollege.  Maybe I will blog again in the spring if I am graced with the opportunity once again.  I really am so grateful to be able to share my experiences at FIT with you; it was a very fun project and I hope everyone enjoyed my posts!



Where’s the vending machine!?

Getting to F.I.T. Saturday September 24th seemed impossible. I was cheering for my High School football game that started at 12 and ended at 2 but my Design Process of Interior Design class started at 1:30… this was a problem. I decided that after half time I would leave the game, sprint to the car, make a quick wardrobe change and drive from Staten Island to Manhattan. When I finally arrived at F.I.T. (late) I had to make that awkward walk of shame into the class 15 minutes after it started.

I was really excited to finally be sitting in the class. I took a seat in the front row and jumped right into the conversation. We talked about the difference between modern and traditional designs, supplies we would need and our project for the fall term. I’m so so so excited to start this project! We are working on a one bedroom appartment for a make believe client and my head is already spinning with ideas! I love my professor she is absolutely amazing and very entertaining. As we were looking at pictures ripped out from an interior design magazine my stomach started growling. I think this has happened to everyone, when your starving in a quiet room and your stomach starts growling so loud that you swear everyone can hear it. But then my professor said it was break time. I instantly turned to the girl next to me and asked “where’s the vending machine?” We joined a few other girls to search the design building  for the vendng machines and we eventually found them. I grabbed a Snickers and headed back to class. I was really happy to find out that all the girls in my class are very friendly and that they’re also new to this experience.

Can’t wait until next week!

P.S. the vending machines in the design building are on the  6th floor to the left ;)