Changing Into a Different Person on Saturday Mornings

When I get on that train to go to class at FIT each Saturday morning, it’s almost as if I change into a different person. Not in a weird or negative way of course.

At home I am Mary Peleti…

  • the daughter
  • the sister
  • the friend
  • the straight-A student
  • the girl who has a unique sense of style

At FIT I am Mary Peleti… future fashion stylist.

It’s easier to focus on my goals in that change of environment where no one really knows anything about me, other than that.  Additionally, I feel that FIT Precollege changes me in the sense that I get to experience independence in a way that I wouldn’t at such a young age if I didn’t do this program.  This may sound silly, but I feel like I get to be an adult on Saturday mornings.  There is something just so liberating about walking down 7th avenue after class, with the option to go anywhere that I desire in the amazing city that is New York.