Mes Amies

So getting up at 6 a.m. on a Saturday and working on homework and art all week leaves me with a pretty weak social life. However, Precollege classes make up for that. Sometimes you’ll find your classmates are talkative and easy to make conversation with, and others, you’ll have to be that person yourself. I like to be the person to break the ice in class. After all, I’m not commuting two hours each way if I’m not having fun!

It’s really easy to make friends in your classes because you all have at least one common interest. Also, since everyone comes from different areas with different backgrounds, there’s a lot to talk about when you meet someone new.

In my first class, there is one girl who goes to the same school I do. It’s the first class I’ve ever taken with someone from my area. I’ve also taken a trip to Mood with a few other classmates, and sometimes go to the art supply store with others also.

In my second class, there are two other seniors who have applied to FIT. It’s great to have something to bond over, and because we’ve all been through the application process together and can share the excitement (hopefully!). It’s been easy to become friends because we all like sewing, so we’re now taking a class on draping. We also go to the FIT museum a lot so we always talk about our different tastes and styles.


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