Getting Closer To My Dreams

Being at FIT has been such a learning experience. My skills have improved significantly since I’ve started my class. Before FIT I didnt even know I had any drawing skills at all. When I started my classes and realized how much drawing was entailed, I thought I couldn’t do it! However, I decided to practice and attempt to improve my skills. Now when I look at my floor plan for the final project and compare it to my first floor plan I can see how much the program has helped me. My lines are straight, I am able to add details to furniture and I’ve learned how to properly mark furniture. I’m submitted everything I have worked on in my portfolio and I feel more than confident in my work. If I wasn’t involved in this precollege program I would be completely lost when submitting my portfolio. They would have asked for a 1/4 inch = 1 foot scale and I would have just been like “whaaaaaaat 0_O?” Because I am in the program I have all the correct tools needed to prepare a portfolio! I probably would have never applied to any school that asked for a portfolio if I didn’t take these classes.

I see a huge difference in my work and I hope that my drawings and skills just keep getting better. I still need to work on drawing furniture into my plans because sometimes I change my whole idea just because I can’t get it on paper. I also need to work on picking fabrics and colors, it’s my favorite part but I love it so much that it’s hard to make a choice!

I’m so grateful to be apart of precollege programs and to be able to learn more about my major. I am so passionate about interior design and being at FIT has completely opened my mind.


This is the floor plan for my final project! Sorry for the unclear picture, It’s not completely finished!

My Support System

My family has always been my biggest support system. It’s like I can wake up tomorrow and tell them I want to be a clown and they would back me up 100%. When it comes to my future I don’t think I’ve ever even heard them say the word “can’t.” It’s amazing being apart of a family like this. Sometimes it’s a lot of pressure knowing that they expect me to do so many great things in my future but they’re the reason I work so hard. :’)

When I told my parents I wanted to do the Precollege Program, of course they were thrilled but they weren’t surprised. I’m constantly taking extra classes, volunteering,  joining clubs and doing other random activities so I think they’re just used to it. I’m just obsessed with taking advantage of every opportunity that comes my way.  My mom loves hearing about my experience at FIT and I love showing her my projects and floor plans. We talk about how I’m going to redesign our house when I have my degree in interior design. She also reads my blog every week, HI MOM! :) The only thing she doesn’t like is the mess that FIT has brought into our living room. Scraps of paper, magazines, fabrics, paint samples, glue, color pencils, rulers/scales and a crazy amount of eraser shavings are just a few things that my parents come home to.  I’m sure they will get used to it!

It makes me really happy that I have a family who supports me so much. I know that they will continue to do so through college and my journey after I graduate. My family plays a big role in my life and having them by my side makes life a lot easier. <3


Sometimes Change Is Good

I’m officially obsessed with my interior design class! The week has been going slower than usual anticipating Saturday’s class.I can’t stop thinking about my plans for the assignment that our profession gave to us. I’ve been drawing out different floor plans on the dry erase board in my room everyday and I’ve also  been searching for supplies all week. I have such a busy schedule but suddenly my Saturday class is all I can focus on! Being in the program has also been a balancing act for me. My F.I.T. schedule and cheerleading schedule clash, A LOT. It’s so hard to choose between the two because I’m so passionate about both. I’m doing my best to manage them but it’s getting really hard.

Being in the Pecollege program has made me 100%a sure that F.I.T. is the school for me. I actually just started filling out my SUNY application, it’s so nerve racking! I love the environment at F.I.T., when I walk into the school its so different than walking into my regular high school class. I’m much more involved and interested . I feel like Ican be creative and opinionated. My personality in school is very different than in the procollege class. In school I’m always viewed as the “cheerleader” or “pageant girl”,  at F.I.T. I feel like I have no label and it feels really good!

My life is already changing so much from being in the program. I hope everyone is enjoying the experience as much as I am. :)


Where’s the vending machine!?

Getting to F.I.T. Saturday September 24th seemed impossible. I was cheering for my High School football game that started at 12 and ended at 2 but my Design Process of Interior Design class started at 1:30… this was a problem. I decided that after half time I would leave the game, sprint to the car, make a quick wardrobe change and drive from Staten Island to Manhattan. When I finally arrived at F.I.T. (late) I had to make that awkward walk of shame into the class 15 minutes after it started.

I was really excited to finally be sitting in the class. I took a seat in the front row and jumped right into the conversation. We talked about the difference between modern and traditional designs, supplies we would need and our project for the fall term. I’m so so so excited to start this project! We are working on a one bedroom appartment for a make believe client and my head is already spinning with ideas! I love my professor she is absolutely amazing and very entertaining. As we were looking at pictures ripped out from an interior design magazine my stomach started growling. I think this has happened to everyone, when your starving in a quiet room and your stomach starts growling so loud that you swear everyone can hear it. But then my professor said it was break time. I instantly turned to the girl next to me and asked “where’s the vending machine?” We joined a few other girls to search the design building  for the vendng machines and we eventually found them. I grabbed a Snickers and headed back to class. I was really happy to find out that all the girls in my class are very friendly and that they’re also new to this experience.

Can’t wait until next week!

P.S. the vending machines in the design building are on the  6th floor to the left ;)

Introducing New Precollege Blogger – Alexandria

Hey everyone! My name is Alexandria, I’m a first time Precollege student at F.I.T.! I’m very excited to be a part of the Interior Design program this fall, it’s a great way to kick off my senior year! My dream is to pursue a career in interior design (Of course at FIT!) and one day own my a firm.

I live on Staten Island so I’m very lucky to be just a ferry ride away from the school. Some people call Staten Island the “Forgotten Borough” but I love living so close to the city and still having that suburban, small town feel.

Other than furniture, fabrics and spacing some of passions include pageantry, cheerleading and writing. I’ve been doing pageants for about a year now, I’ve competed in Miss New York USA and placed 8th nationally in the Miss Earth United States pageant. I absolutely love writing, it has always been an outlet for me. I was excited to hear that F.I.T. provides Precollege students with a blog to share their experiences. I’m looking forward to meeting new friends and spending my Saturdays in the Design Building. :)