Oh, The Places You’ll Go!

Second class of my workshop was amazing!  For homework we were assigned to choose a celebrity, show, or magazine and either dress or change the format.  I selected Blake Lively.  To do the homework we have to go onto polyvore.com (and if you’ve never been on this website you should its very fun for making amazing inspiration boards!) and make an outfit for our celebrity.  I have to style Blake for three outfits; the red carpet, awards ceremony and the after party.  I am very excited about next week because we will be doing our photo shoot for the handbag.  There are many places in New York that I love to go to each time I’m there.  I love many places all around New York but there are a few near FIT!

  • Joe Fresh- Everyone should go here at least once, its affordable & fun!
  • FIT Museum- If there is an exhibit there while you are taking a class you should definitely stop in and check it out, the exhibits are always amazing.
  • Buffalo Exchange- (I have not been yet but I have heard that it is fun to go to)
  • Eleni’s-  My favorite cupcake store ever in Chelsea Market!…and it is also nut free for people with allergies like me

Other places around the city that I love to go to are:

  • Soho-Best time to go is in the Spring or summer so you can walk in and out of all the fun stores

Of course the 4 “B’s”!

  • Barney’s- check out their new CO-OP cafe and shoe floor of course!
  • Bergdorf Goodman- It’s a must to go to their newly renovated shoe salon!
  • Bendel’s- Has the best accessories ever!
  • Bloomingdale’s- Overall just a great store & you can never leave out the 4th B!
  • 5th Ave & Madison Ave- also very fun to walk down and spend your day going into stores, and if you’re lucky you may just see Bill Cunningham taking pictures like I have on these two streets!

My grandma and I talking to Bill Cunningham on 5th Ave!

These are my top favorite places that I love to go to while in New York! Of course there are many other places but then this would become a very long post. Looking forward to next week’s class for my photo shoot, can’t believe I have only 2 weeks left!


Planning For The Future

All  I can say is…wow. We’re in our last week! Let’s make the most of it shall we?

I will be applying to FIT in the fall. Along with your college essay is your portfolio, if you are going into an art major like myself. It’s not an easy task I can tell you that! Even though I am applying into the Communication Design major, I do fine art as well, so I’m including that work in my portfolio too! FIT played a big part in preparing me for this process. From the 3 Summer and Saturday live classes I’ve taken, I have so many refined and great pieces I can send to colleges. A word of advice everyone, ask people for their opinion on certain pieces, ESPECIALLY your teachers at FIT and school. It helps narrow down your final choices and most people will give you honest opinions.

FIT is my dream school. I’ve wanted to go here since my guidance counselor showed me the school and once I visited the campus, I fell in love! The people, teachers, and the vibe is just amazing. I’ve been to other college campuses and they just weren’t the same. FIT is a place where anyone can just be themselves and do what they want to do artistically and fashionably!

After completing my associates in Communication Design, I want to get my bachelors in Graphic Design and minor in Italian or Art History. I also want to do a study abroad program in England at FIT! It sounds like a great experience! After college I want to either do freelance graphic design or start my own creative firm.

I am SO happy I took the typography class. I know it’s helping me with my graphic design work, and it’s given me the opportunity to work with just type!  This Monday we started a project that made us use two letters and combine them in an attractive way to make a design. It was pretty cool to see how many different things you can do with letters. For our final project we have to take photos of typography in everyday life and display them in a creative way. I have a few ideas in mind!

I can honestly say I will miss my summer live class. My professor is great and so is everyone in my class!

Good luck and work hard on your final projects! (Trust me, it’s so worth it!)


Everyone Needs Inspiration

Can you believe that week one is over already? It went so quick, right?

As promised, here are some photos of the places I mentioned last post:


First day!

My class is great so far! I’m learning so much about typography that I didn’t know before and learning the importance of kerning (the space in between letters) and how it effects the whole look of a typed out word  when kerned properly/improperly. For the first two days we cut out letters that spelled out our name and had to Kern them properly. The next day we had a critique, and I think we all learned how we can improve our work from that! There is always something new to learn about type. Our professor regularly hands out books and magazines. We’re all encouraged to look through them and really pay attention of type.

“Do the words line up? Is there a pattern? What font is this?” are questions I always ask myself when I’m reading because I’m more aware of what goes into making these layouts. Even though we have only been in class for 3 days, what Professor Gray has been teaching us is going to be our foundation for our next project: Choosing a typographer and making a poster inspired by their work with a biography. I chose to do Raoul Hausmann.

Here are some photo’s of Hausmann’s work:

I love these collage pieces. They’re brilliant! Collages are fun yet challenging to make, so  I can’t wait to see how I’m going to incorporate them into a poster design. It’s really going to challenge my design abilities and push my creativity a lot.


One thing everyone should do during Summer Live is go to The Museum at FIT. The current exhibit is all about sports wear through the decades for women and men. No matter what you are studying, you will definitely find inspiration whether it’s a pattern on a shirt, or a color scheme in a collection. Unfortunately, no cameras are allowed in the exhibit, but trust me when I say it’s a must see!

Do you have anything or a certain place that inspires you?


Final Thoughts: Learning a lot About Me

I learned so much this semester at FIT. Besides learning about the industry, I also learned a lot about myself. I have a much better idea of what I want to do now.

I had originally planned on going into marketing but I am now thinking or PR, or even fashion merchandising. I like to describe my courses at FIT as me weekly “recharge.” When I come home from FIT, people notice a difference in me; I am happier, more confident, and refreshed. I know that it has a lot to do with the friends I have made. We all have so much in common, and they’re so much fun! I’m so sad that class is ending soon, but my friends and I have promised to have a reunion in the city!

For my final project, we used the skills we learned from our shopping field trips to take pictures of clothing so that we could report on the trends of this season. The tips really helped me a lot. For example, when I went to Zara, I started on the lower level and by the time I was noticed (my auto flash gave me away) and asked to leave, I was in the front of the store and had already taken most of my pictures. I then moved on to H&M (where my camera promptly ran out of battery so I discreetly used my IPhone,) Forever 21, Urban Outfitters, and a couple other stores. Unfortunately, the only time I could go to the mall was for 2 hours on a Tuesday so I couldn’t hit too many stores, but I was still able to snap 300 pictures (the necessary amount was 72- call me an overachiever!) Then I broke them up into specific trends such as crochet, polka dots, colored pants, etc. I tried to stay away from obvious owns such as 70′s wear that I knew everyone would do. One thing I found was that stripes were everywhere! Color was huge too- particularly orange and bright pink as a color combination. The other thing I noticed was a lot of whites! Also, fedoras with printed sashes were in H&M, Zara, Forever 21, and Urban outfitters! After manually copying and pasting every single picture onto my PowerPoint and then cropping each one, I was left with over 100 slides! It was tedious work but I edited down to 37. Some shots of my presentation are below.

I’m sad that this will be one of our last classes, but I look forward to classes in the fall. I‘m sure I will meet many more friends and I hope that we bond as much as I did in this class!


Sewing my last stitches….

It is sad to say that this semester is over in only 2 classes! This means our final project is also very close to being finished….. Overall, this semester for me was very successful and I learned a lot of fantastic new techniques on sewing that I will certainly use in the future! Especially because I FINALLY learned how to correctly put long sleeves on items. Even though we learned only two pieces- It can be expanded into so much more! I can use the pattern made for a denim jacket but with looser fabric to make a blouse, or add length to the pattern of the long sleeved shirt to make a dress and so on. This will all be very useful skills to me as I continue to sew more and more!

Now all I have on my mind is what to take next semester! I’ve even been looking at some of the other girls blog posts and they all look fantastic- but I think I’m going to lean towards something along the lines of photography since I am also very interested in that field.

See you next week! I can’t believe it’ll be our last class! :(

Okay, now I have to go and sew onto my jacket AND THEN IT’S DONE !



P.S. Last weekend I was in a photo shoot for an article the Youth generation in Time Magazine- Stay on the lookout for it!

P.P.S. How fantastic are these shoes?!!?