Home is where the art is.

Pun intended. I truly feel like FIT is a second home. Every morning, my parents drop me off at 28th and Broadway, and I walk two anticipating blocks. As soon as I cross the street, officially onto the FIT campus, I take a big whiff of the originality in the air, as well as the distinguishing scent of Starbuck’s coffee in eager caffeine addicts’ hands. I’m greeted with a crowd of different characters and identities. It’s such an unfamiliar environment to me, coming from a town in Long Island where everyone has, or pretends to have, the same taste in clothes, music and basically anything else. Here, I look at it as everyone having their own little world. And at FIT, everyone, or most people, respect/admire each other’s worlds. Individuality is an art.

So, my first week at FIT surpassed my expectations entirely! First of all, I’d like to warn anyone who’s interested in taking Architectural Rendering in the future, that the class is more of a drawing/sketching class than the physics of architectural structure. Last week, we journeyed to the high line twice in the blistering heat, but the views were absolutely worth the trek. The atmosphere in the high line is so pleasant, with the refreshing breeze, the very interesting tourists, and the beautiful frequently-tended-to gardens. Being on the high line, you look at New York City from a whole different perspective. It felt as if I transformed from an inferior ant, to a behemoth King Kong. While above the exhausting five flights of stairs, I appreciated the architectural aspects of each building much more than I would from the sidewalk.

Here’s some pictures of an unfinished sketch and some notes:


As for Careers in Advertising and Marketing, I’m excited to say that this course has led me to decide that marketing is what I want to pursue. However, saying I want to go into marketing is too broad of a statement. We learned that there are many different branches in marketing, such as fashion marketing, television marketing, branding, advertising (the design aspect and the intellectual aspect), etc. That being said, I’m not positive in which section of marketing I want to follow, but I think I have some more time to go into that kind of detail later.

Today, after FIT, I met up with one of my best friends, Kaitlin. We walked a very short trip to the American Apparel outlet (which I HIGHLY recommend) and the good ol’ thrift store, Buffalo Exchange. For those who aren’t interested in spending the full $50 on a plain American Apparel sweatshirt or the ┬ácostly $25 on a very lightweight, regular tee shirt, the American Apparel outlet is for you! Their stuff was on huge discounts! I was able to get my hands on this great denim vest that was brought down to $27 from the retail price of $70! They have daily deals where, for example, on Monday’s there’s an extra 15% off all skirts, shorts, and sleeveless tops. Every day of the week has their own extra savings on specific items. After that, we took a 5 minute cab ride to Bleecker street, where I stopped at the Marc Jacobs Men’s store and picked up a nicely priced tee shirt at $28 (this one). I brought my camera today, so here’s a little miscellaneous/street photography:


Hope you enjoyed reading that lengthy blog post. I really love saying that word… lengthy.






OUTFIT OF THE DAY (7/16/12 – Monday)


Top: Marc by Marc Jacobs striped tee shirt from Bloomingdales

Bottoms: Calvin Klein olive green chino’s – pin rolled to my ankles

Shoes: Sperry Top Sider lace-up classic boat shoe


  • New model of the Ray Bans Clubmaster
  • FRESH HAIR CUT. The dare devil that I am, I decided to go with an undercut.. ish.