In the Halls: Instructor Woodcock

Instructor: Gregg Woodcock, New York
Program: Summer Live Instructor
Class: HLD 031 SK8, Run and Jump into “SNEAKEROLOGY”


Describe your personal style.
Spontaneous. I’m an impulse shopper. There’s something for me to get in any store-5 bucks or 500 bucks I can make it work.

Where do you go on breaks from class?
I run to the restroom and panic(I’m joking). I run to my office and answer emails or do administrative stuff. I eat a snack, then run back to my fantastic sneakerology students.

What is your favorite thing about FIT?
Great staff, and very real world approach in its curriculum. This nurtures our students in their business and personal life.

Who or what inspires you?
I’m a footwear designer, it varies from staring at a manhole cover for hours, or looking at the designs of vehicles, capturing all nuances, or even Richard Sapper’s work.

What do you want to do after you graduate from College?
Well I’ve done that…. But maybe become an astronaut!


Been There, Done That – An Interview With Precollege Alum Timothy Brucato

Timothy Brucato

This week, Precollege Programs had the opportunity to speak with FIT undergraduate student and Precollege alum, Timothy Brucato. Timothy, who hails from Long Island, NY, completed his AAS in Fashion Design at FIT and is expected to graduate in May 2013 with his BFA in Accessories Design.

Timothy is a FIT Student tour guide and a Theatre Ensemble member. Other noted experiences and exhibits include winning 3rd place in the Capezio competition for accessories, feature in AAS Film noir exhibit, and a feature in an Aids Awareness fashion show. In addition, he has worked as an “alterations specialist” at Davids Bridal.

Courses taken in Precollege Programs:

HAR 016: Fashion Art for Fashion Designers
HAR 089: Fashion Design Portfolio
HAP 017: Fashion Design Techniques
HAP 026: Sewing for Fashion Designers

Precollege Programs: What is your fondest memory of Precollege Programs?
Timothy: The excitement I had when I took my first fashion art class in Precollege I learned how to draw a figure and that night went home and drew a million of them. The next class we learned rendering and how to use markers. My art looked so professional! My mom could not believe what I was creating. Just sitting in that class with music playing and Professor Galanos teaching us about rendering was amazing.


Precollege Programs: At what  moment did you decide FIT was your college of choice?
Timothy:  I decided FIT was for me when Project Runway came out. The idea that I could be making these things was what made me want to come. It became the only college I wanted to go to in the 10th grade.


Precollege Programs: What advantages did you gain from Precollege courses?
Timothy:  The precollege program is literally the reason that I am in this school. The portfolio class gave me the exact tools I needed to get into Fashion Design. The project you have in that class is literally the portfolio FIT wants. Also it allowed me to get used to New York City before I started college. The city is amazing, but I remember that when I was in 10th grade I was so scared to go there alone. The precollege program helped me get over my fears and also helped my mom feel I was going to be safe in the city.

I feel I definitely had an advantage over other people at FIT both in the admission process and once I started freshman year. I took a draping class, so first year draping was familiar to me when I entered. Also the sewing class I took was very helpful because it got me used to industrial machines (which are a lot faster than home machines) before my degree classes started.


Precollege Programs: How is college different than you previously  imagined back when you were in high school?
Timothy:   High school is nothing like reality. There is so much more freedom in college. There is also so much more acceptance in college then there is in high school. But also, college, unlike how people told me, is not impossible. It is very doable with hard work and determination. The precollege program also allowed me to see this.


Precollege Programs: What advice do you have for Precollege students?
Timothy: For those looking to go into fashion design, definitely take the fashion art, sewing 1, and portfolio classes. They help me get into the program. The portfolio class is literally what they want for your interview. Also, you are making the right choice to test out your major, and FIT before making a definite decision.


Course Showcase: HLD 031 SK8, Run and Jump into “SNEAKEROLOGY”

Check out this NEW Accessories Design course offered to Precollege students for Spring 2012! For information on our Spring 2012 Program Details, click here.

HLD 031 SK8, Run and Jump into “SNEAKEROLOGY”
Sneaker freakers, fashionistas and advocates of all things different will love this course.  This class will walk you through the development of professional sketches for your own sneaker design.  You’ll learn the importance of design research in various markets including vehicle design, cultures, and music, and then use this research to develop drawings from thumbnails to ink line drawings of your original ideas.  You’ll learn the lingo of athletic shoe parts and become familiar with the process of creating product specifications to present to a company.

Untamed Creativity In My Precollege Courses

This week I’ll be letting everyone know about what I’ve been up to in my classes. In HLD 014: Accessories Design Techniques, I am curently working on a large tote bag. I’ve learned a lot and acquired manny new skills in this class. It was the first time I’ve ever used an industrial sewing machine, which i learned is a lot harder to use than the type of machines most have in there homes. I also realized how important getting correct measurements and proportioning your fabric to get the most out of it as possible is. The class is great, my teacher is really patient and helps us all so we can really create whatever design’s we come up with.

I also take HAR 087: Advanced Fashion Design Art Techniques. At the moment we have two projects. One of them is to create spring related separates (pieces that could be interchanged) and they have to be inspired by any exhibit of our choice from the FIT Museum. My inspiration came from the Vivian Westwood exhibit, specifically the “Statue of Liberty” garment.

The second project is for the Vivian Westwood Contest. We are to choose a dress, object, or historical painting from before 1950 and base a modern garment based on it. For that I was inspired by a dress from 1867 also found in the FIT Museum. In this class, I’ve advanced my croquis and learned how to draw different and unique patterns. One of the reasons I’ve learned so much in this class is because the teacher for this is constantly reviewing everything and showing us demos so we truly can understand it and use the newly acquired skills.

Both of these classes keep me busy the entire time and take unbreakable concentration on the final product. My Accessories Design Techniques class has taken me on trips to Mood Fabrics as well as other fabric and trimming shops to find out were to get the things i need to bring my designs to life while the Advanced Fashion Design Art Techniques class has taken me to different exhibits for inspiration on my designs. Accessories is a little more hands on and running around since I go from pinning to sewing to ironing, and then for Fashion Design, I stay in my seat sketching and shading. They sound like complete opposites right? But one thing they do have in common is the hard work. You really need to be a perfectionist at every aspect of it, whether it’s the stitching of your bag’s braided handle or getting all the details, like princess lines, on you design to make it unique.

My absolute favorite part of this whole experience is that while following the guidelines of how to create the garments I can really do no wrong. And thats because its my design! It can be whatever I’m feeling or thinking. In both classes the teachers teach me how to create my creations and never squash my blast of creativity. It can be as lush and luxuriant and wild as I want it to be! (: