And then there were two…(left)

So it still hasn’t processed completely that there are only two classes left. Like, how can that be possible? Months have passed already?

But it feels like just last week I started high school?! And like it feels like yesterday when I first arrived at FIT, too?! What is this sorcery?

Let’s focus on the present, though. Or perhaps just next class. It’s close enough.

Being that I am not a mind reader, I just have to outline what I’d like to get done next class…

I’d like to finish the majority of my dress.

However, I do understand that that is a long shot, so I’d at least like to get to finish up the main part, the body of the dress, I guess, but not necessarily the sleeves. (And necessarily is a really hard word, for me to spell. It took Google’s help to figure it out. Oops.)

Anyways, I do wish that that can be completed, and that I’ll be able to wear the dress, as the weather’s starting to shape up, finally!

(Just ignore all the rain we had this week. It never happened. Wink-wink-nudge-nudge.)

Oh, also, after class I am taking the subway to Brooklyn for the Vegan Shop-up! All I’m really thinking is that it will be food galore, me-oh-my!

Dress…I hope that you will be finished soon! ♥


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