The Three Best Friends That Anyone Could Have

FIT is one of the best ways to meet new people! Especially ones that are just as obsessed with fashion as you! FIT is an amazing place because people aren’t as judgemental. I say this because FIT is full of diverse people that do they’re own thing! I love being able to try to wear something out there or do my makeup a little more bold for class without having the feeling of being judged. Overall,FIT  its a comfortable safe environment.

I first started attending FIT with one of my best friends from school, Jenn! We both took the Fabric Styling class! I loved being able to take the train and having someone there with me to get around the city with! If I had signed up to do it alone I’m sure I would have been fine but having a friend with you makes it a thousand times greater!

This semester I was able to convince my other best friend Amanda to take the Fragrance and Cosmetics class with me! The two of us are obsessed with make up to the point where we have mini makeup stores at home! Its amazing to be able to share the opportunity of FIT Precollege Programs with two of my closest friends! Do you go to class with friends from school?

xoxox Tori


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